Vitamin D Helps Boost Immunity to Combat Infection

7 July 2020

Protect Yourself from Infections by Enhancing Immunity

COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. More coronavirus deaths reported as outbreak numbers continue to climb. According to data as of 18 June 2020, 212 countries and territories around the world have reported a total of 8,407,658 confirmed cases of the coronavirus COVID-19, and a death toll of 451,271 deaths. A good immune system is always important but it is even more so now, in times of COVID-19. Consuming immunity-boosting supplements is one of the effective ways to enhance our immune system. Vitamin C is a popular choice for supporting immunity, but another key nutrient for your immune system is vitamin D. Once thought as the vitamin for strong bones, vitamin D actually does a lot more for your body -- including support your immune system.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate, and multiple other biological effects. Immunomodulatory actions of vitamin D have been recognised for over a quarter of a century. Research shows that vitamin D plays an important role in immune function, and a deficiency in it is shown to increase your susceptibility to infection. Some studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency is even associated with greater risk of self-reported upper respiratory tract infections. Research suggests that vitamin-D deficiency may be one of the primary reasons people get more colds and flu in the winter when sunshine is less available.

How Does Vitamin D Boost Immune Function?

The immune system is an incredibly complex protective mechanism, but to simplify, we can divide the immune system into two main categories: innate immunity, and adaptive immunity. Innate immunity is our nonspecific defense mechanism that activates in the presence of an invading pathogen. So, even if you have never been exposed to a virus or pathogen, your body has a built-in ability to protect itself from an invader. This part of your immune system is your first line of defense against any type of new type of germs—whether it is bacteria, viruses, and fungi. And it’s super important to be sure this line of defense is strong. The other type of immune response is your adaptive immune response. This immune response is active against pathogens that you have previously encountered. The body recognizes, adapts and attacks specific invaders much more efficiently.

In the case of brand new types of influenza strains or the new Covid-19 virus, the body has not had a chance to develop specific antibodies against it yet. So, this is where we call in the powers of our innate immune system to protect us. Vitamin D works to strengthen this innate immune system response. Vitamin D works by boosting the strength of the immune system while lowering inflammatory reactions. This makes vitamin D a powerful immune modulator. It helps boost immune power, but prevents the immune system from overreacting, as in the case of autoimmune disease. Vitamin D strengthens particular cells within the immune system, such as the T cells. It also helps to decrease levels of inflammatory cytokines, a part of the immune system that can overreact with dangerous outcomes.

Where to Find High Quality Vitamin D?

To get vitamin D levels up in your system, you can take a vitamin D3 supplement. D3 or cholecalciferol is most easily utilized in the body, over vitamin D2. Kangcare Bioindustry Co., Ltd possesses high quality vitamin D3. Kangcare Bioindustry Co., Ltd is a bio-science technology based company in the global market with a team of specialists, who focuses on developing and marketing innovative and proven bioactive ingredients, and delivering science-based health and beauty solutions to customers. Kangcare can also provide designation and optimization of formulations according to customers’ requirements and do contract manufacturing of supplements. Kangcare possesses high quality vitamin D3 with the following specifications:

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 40MIU/g

Vitamin D3 Oil 1MIU/g

Vitamin D3 Powder 0.1 MIU/g & 0.5MIU/g

Vitamin D is critical for immune function. A deficiency in this nutrient may compromise immune response and increase your risk of infection and disease, so it’s very important to make sure that you're getting enough vitamin D.

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