Nektium is pleased to announce a new strategic commercial partnership with Phytonet, an independent distribution and consultancy company, that operates internationally in the pharmaceuticals, supplements and food markets. This new partnership is a step towards achieving Nektium’s strategic objective to expand the sales of its botanical extract portfolio to a wider geographical area internationally.

The companies will initially collaborate in Turkey, several Balkan countries and the region of South East Asia. A selection of Nektium’s products will henceforth be distributed by Phytonet, most notably, Rhodiolife®, P40pTM and Zynamite®, the latest innovation from Nektium, a finalist in the Nutraingredients Asia Awards, and a winner in the Sports Nutrition section of the European edition.

“Branded ingredients are of special interest for our customers and Zynamite® in particular is a unique ingredient that has great potential in several indications,” said Cem Aydogan, founder and CEO of Phytonet. Headquartered in Switzerland and operating in the industry for almost a decade, Phytonet sources innovative ingredients through certified suppliers to offer its customers high quality products on a global scale.

Nektium´s core business is the development of innovative botanical extracts, driven by a strong R&D team. For the commercialisation of its products, the company mainly relies on strategic alliances for the distribution of its products. According to Annette Badenhorst, Sales and Marketing Director of Nektium: “Phytonet has a reputable network in many geographic areas of the world that Nektium has not accessed yet, and it was evident that their sales approach to these markets is unique and in line with our own goals, which is why we strongly believe in this partnership.”