PULSE, a recently approved SIA-RAAK consortium, has begun a new project to develop high-quality protein ingredients from legumes.

PULSE (Protein Utilisation from Legumes for a Sustainable European crop) is a collaboration between HAS University of Applied Sciences and contract research organisation NIZO, together with six other companies: Limagrain, GEA, Cosucra, MFH Pulses, Ruitenberg Ingredients and Sofine Foods.

The aim of the project is to increase the proportion of plant-based proteins in the human diet by developing and selecting varieties of peas and faba beans with increased protein content or composition.

“Our ambition is to apply these proteins in a wide variety of food products,” said PULSE project manager Fred van de Velde. “For example, we would replace egg, milk or meat proteins.”

As such, the project also addresses the functionality of the proteins in various food products and the impact of processing to make the crops more attractive to cultivate for agricultural entrepreneurs.

“Together with our members, we are continuously searching for possibilities to increase the value of crops,” said Henny van Gurp, senior project leader plant at Dutch Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (ZLTO).

“By making protein crops available for human consumption, we can create new value for farmers.”