Health and wellness company Medifast, the maker of habit-based and coach-guided lifestyle solution OPTAVIA, has unveiled the OPTAVIA ACTIVE product line for the sports nutrition market.

The new line includes exercise supplements and protein powders, OPTAVIA ACTIVE Whey Protein, and OPTAVIA ACTIVE Essential Amino Acid (EAAs) Blend.

Both products are intended to assist both new and existing clients of all levels of fitness in optimising their motion habits.

OPTAVIA ACTIVE is backed by science, made without colours, flavours, or sweeteners from artificial sources. It is designed to work with or without OPTAVIA nutrition plans and is guided by coach support.

The new product line is also Informed Sport certified, which is a global standard in sports nutrition quality control that guarantees its certified products are free from banned substances.

OPTAVIA ACTIVE EAAs have a mixture of eight essential amino acids including 3.5gm of leucine per serving to help activate muscle protein synthesis.

The second product, OPTAVIA ACTIVE Whey Protein, has 24gm of complete protein per serving to contribute to muscle and strength development.

Medifast has teamed up with Aaptiv, a fitness app, as part of the new healthy motion programme, to offer guided exercises on demand to its community.

Medifast chairman and CEO Dan Chard said: “With the introduction of OPTAVIA ACTIVE, we now offer another tool to help more people make lifestyle changes and embrace healthy habits in all areas of their lives.

“This line builds on our existing healthy weight management and eating program and provides each Customer with a simple, Coach-guided way for them to practice the habit of healthy motion.

“We are making great progress against our mission as we continue to make OPTAVIA increasingly central to the health journeys of many more people.”

The launch aligns with the firm’s strategy to attract new customer segments and triple its addressable market through investment in growth initiatives and the addition of exercise supplements and protein powders.

Medifast has plans to keep investing in its product line to support its proprietary Habits of Health Transformational System, which has motion, sleep, mind, and other areas.

The company said that additional products are anticipated to be launched next year.