US-based nutrition technology firm L-Nutra has rolled out ProLon ReSet, a new one-day fasting nutrition programme that offers nourishment and restricts hunger.

ProLon ReSet is said to enable its users to advance their existing intermittent fasting lifestyle, step-up their health journey, or give a break from days of unhealthy food and drinks.

The nutrition programme provides most of the benefits from a full day of fasting, while consuming plant-based food, said L-Nutra.

L-Nutra chief medical officer William Hsu said: “The exclusive fasting nutritechnology science behind ProLon ReSet is derived from $36+ million dollars of research and development at over 16 global research centres.

“This innovative discovery was made possible via a proprietary formulation of plant-based food that nourishes the body while inducing a positive fasting pressure on cells.”

According to the company, ProLon ReSet provides a much-needed break for the people who sometimes go with unhealthy eating habits for a few days.

The advanced one-day programme can be undertaken at any time and can also help consumers to replace the fasting days with ProLon ReSet.

ProLon ReSet leverages the same patented and accurate blend of plant-based nutrients used in the original 5-Day ProLon programme.

It can be consumed without triggering the body’s food sensing system, and simplify the fasting lifestyle, said the company.

ProLon ReSet box contains soups, bars, snacks, herbal teas, and supplements that elevate the ketone levels and help the body break down the fat while keeping glucose levels steady.

L-Nutra consumer division president Manos Spanos said: “We are proud to offer such an innovative nutrition program to the world of intermittent fasting. ProLon ReSet introduces millions to the novel concept of fasting with food instead of water.

“We understand that a water fast can feel overwhelming or simply prove difficult depending on a person’s lifestyle, ProLon ReSet will allow consumers to follow their fasting practices while keeping their body in a full day of physiological fasting.”