Belgian pharmaceutical company Vésale Pharma has signed major distribution contracts in China and in the Middle-East area.

These agreements focus on the new worldwide probiotic patent INTELICAPS®, developed in January 2011.

INTELICAPS® offers new performances to probiotics by a strongly increased protection and a prolonged viability, even under extreme conditions.

With these new agreements, Vésale Pharma will keep on addressing new challenges and opening up new perspectives to the worldwide market of probiotic-based products.

Another major distribution contract has been signed in June 2013, with a leading pediatric drugs company in China: Hainan Honz Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

A publicly traded company, Hainan Honz Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with headquarters in Guangzhou. Hainan Honz is principally engaged in the research, development, production, and distribution of a wide range of pediatric drugs for children in China.

This agreement will cover the distribution of all the child-focused probiotic products of the Vésale portfolio in China.

"This agreement shows that we are indeed innovative in the field of probiotics. It is a further recognition of Vésale Pharma’s leading position in delivering Probiotic Solutions for all life stage," said the company’s international director Johan Quintens.

At the same time, Vésale Pharma is starting commercialization of a Probiotic range in the Middle-East market.

The company has contracted distributors and obtained first market authorizations for the United Arabs Emirates and for Kuwait. First in-market sales have just started, and additional markets will follow soon.
Over the last few years, the Middle-East has experienced an increased demand for scientifically documented and quality probiotics.

These new developments offer strategic opportunities to the company which are expected to generate multi-million sales in the years to come.