The International Conference on Creatine in Health and Disease 2022, March 16-19, will bring together the world's leading creatine researchers to discuss the role of creatine supplementation in health as well as clinical treatment of disease. Health, exercise, nutrition and wellness experts, young researchers, entrepreneurs and students from around the world are invited.

The digital conference is hosted by the Scientific Advisory Board "Creatine in Health" of Alzchem Group AG – Creapure®, the Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory Texas A&M and the Dynamical Business & Science Society – DBSS International.

Creatine supplementation is one of the most studied and effective nutritional supplements for athletes. Among the many positive effects of creatine is an increase in energy capacity, which in turn results in more muscle mass and increased physical performance. While these widely recognized effects have so far benefited both competitive and recreational athletes, creatine can also serve as a potential clinical and therapeutic treatment for conventional medical topics. Several studies have examined the positive effects of creatine supplementation on conditions such as diabetes, sarcopenia, osteoporosis, and cancer, on rehabilitation, and on pulmonary and cardiovascular health.

The 2022 International Creatine Conference will be held March 16-19, 2022, as an online-only event.

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Conference attendance counts as continuing education under CME and CEU.

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