Supplements producer Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has formed joint ventures (JVs) with an undisclosed good manufacturing practice (GMP) supplier in China and India for its Berberine Cyclosome supplement.

Berberine Cyclosome is intended to offer a natural and effective solution for blood sugar metabolism support and healthy weight management.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals focuses on phellodendron and berberine research through its Nexrutine series of berberine extracts.

The company has used the extracts over two decades of studies and practical application across several of its branded products.

Berberine uses 250mg of a 97% pure Nexrutine XS extract derived naturally from phellodendron bark.

Extracted from various plants, the herbal compound is said to have seen a surge in consumer interest over the past year, supported by social media platforms.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Nexrutine is said to be the most extensively researched berberine extract for addressing a wide range of health concerns.

Berberine has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. However, it has poor bioavailability, which limits its effectiveness.

To address this challenge, the supplement producer uses Nexrutine XS Cyclosome, a proprietary form of berberine that incorporates advanced liposome and cyclodextrin technologies.

Additionally, the innovation enhances bio absorption by more than 1,000% in comparison to standard raw extracts.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals president and CEO Jared Wheat said: “Hi-Tech is committed to delivering products found in Nature and Backed by Science.

“With the joint ventures of the raw material Berberine it will enable our Berberine Cyclosome, consumers to ensure they can continue to experience the remarkable benefits of berberine from Nexrutine XS extract naturally derived from phellodendron bark that has unmatched absorption and effectiveness.

“Hi-Tech had quadrupled its manufacturing capacity on Berberine to keep up with current demands!”

In recent years, the supplements company has made sixteen acquisitions to boost its market share in the US.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has also acquired brands like APS Nutrition, ALR, FormuTech Nutrition, Innovative Laboratories, Sports One, Top Secret Nutrition, LG Sciences, Prime Nutrition, iForce Nutrition, and EAS.

Last month, the firm introduced the AMP3D pre-workout supplement to improve training intensity, work performance, and prepare muscles for more rapid recovery.