Gnosis by Lesaffre (formerly Lesaffre Human Care), business unit of Lesaffre Group dedicated to nutrition, health and personal care businesses, is raising awareness about ibSium with the launch of a website dedicated to their patented ingredient. The company opted for this online platform as a way to expand their reach and increase ibSium’s visibility worldwide.

“This website was designed with the user experience in mind and offers a clean layout, simple navigation and a way for users to contact us with ease, directly from the page. We are inviting visitors to explore it and discover the numerous benefits of ibSium for intestinal health as well as learn more about the substantial science behind this unique strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae,” explains Elodie Ruffin, probiotics product manager at Gnosis by Lesaffre.

Elodie Ruffin expects the new site, found at, to be of interest for product developers and ingredients purchasers, as it offers detailed information about the ingredient itself, clinical data and practical advice on how to use it to alleviate occasional intestinal pain, bloating and constipation.

With Gnosis by Lesaffre strong emphasis on providing world-class scientific and clinical data on its ingredients, this new website is also a way for visitors to stay informed about the latest research results and peer-review publications on ibSium.

What is ibSium?

ibSium is the brand name of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856, an exclusive strain of yeast patented by Lesaffre. This innovative ingredient is used in a wide range of dietary supplements developed by the company’s partners since 2010 and already widely prescribed by doctors and gastroenterologists.

Approved by consumers, ibSium nis a breakthrough in digestive health. The science around this ingredient supporting intestinal comfort, showed it may improve the quality of life of billions of people worldwide affected by painful digestive disorders or complaining about some gut-related symptoms.

It has indeed demonstrated that it may improve intestinal pain, bloating and constipation through several clinical studies1,2 and the findings of a meta-analysis investigating ibSium’s health benefits, published in the renowned peer-reviewed journal ‘World Journal of Gastroenterology’3. A large-scale study run by prescribing physicians in over 1,160 volunteers presenting symptoms of IBS has also proven ibSium to be safe, fast-acting (less than 15 days) and well-tolerated, inducing no side-effects or habituation.

Therefore, IbSium can be considered as an innovative solution of natural origin designed to alleviate occasional intestinal pain and discomfort. 

For questions about ibSium or its new website, feel free to contact us through the online form found at; or visit for information about any of Gnosis by Lesaffre’s health-promoting ingredients.