Nutritional supplement leader, EyePromise has entered the brain health category with the launch of BrainPromise by EyePromise, a new product formulated for brain health, performance, and protection. BrainPromise offers comprehensive brain nutrition with essential vitamins and minerals including the antioxidants, zeaxanthin and lutein, which are featured in a plethora of published studies for their effectiveness in fighting oxidative stress among numerous other benefits.

On creating a brain health supplement after three decades of researching and developing eye health products, EyePromise Chairman and Co-Founder, Dennis Gierhart, PhD said, “We have been researching the effects of protective carotenoids on the eye for many years, which provided a unique window into the brain. As the eyes are an extension of the brain, it turns out what is good for the eyes is also good for the brain. Zeaxanthin and lutein levels in the back of the eye can be measured through a biomarker called MPOD—Macular Pigment Optical Density, which is also an indicator of the levels found in the brain.”

Zeaxanthin and lutein protect tissue from oxidative stress and offer many benefits to the brain including long-term brain health and brain function, improved recall, staying on task longer, among many others. EyePromise has been instrumental in promoting MPOD as a biomarker since 2007, which enables patients and consumers to verify that their EyePromise zeaxanthin-based supplements are effective.

MPOD is measured through a non-invasive exam using EyePromise’s Zx Pro, a portable, hand-held device, which measures macular pigment on a simple 0-1 scale. MPOD exams are available through eye doctors all over the country and the company’s supplements enjoy endorsements from tens of thousands of doctors, professional athletes, and consumers.