Docquity has partnered with paediatric multivitamin distributor Green Nature Farm (GNF) to enhance the market penetration of the latter’s paediatric multivitamin line in Indonesia.

Green Nature Farm (GNF) is the Indonesian distributor for Korea-based Cho-A Pharmaceutical.

Docquity is a healthcare professional (HCP) community in Southeast Asia. The organisation supports healthcare professionals in learning, connecting, and advancing their knowledge.

Under the seven-year collaboration, Docquity’s proprietary Awareness to Advocacy (A2A) programme will equip GNF with a range of solutions to market paediatric multivitamin lines.

These include omnichannel outreach strategies to educate HCPs and generate leads through both online platforms and offline medical representatives (MRs).

Additionally, the HCP community will bolster the programme by facilitating commercial outsourcing support, thereby assisting GNF in forging alliances with local partners to expand its sales network nationwide.

GNF is targeting to engage with more than 7,600 healthcare professionals, including paediatricians and general practitioners, across Indonesia within seven years.

The company has already achieved 20% of this goal within one month of this partnership.

GNF director Aningsih said: “As the largest HCP community in Indonesia, Docquity is an innovative partner uniquely positioned to help us effectively reach our target doctors, both online and offline.

“It serves as an impactful ‘one-stop-shop’ to nurture the right HCP relationships and strengthen our product’s availability across the country.”

Docquity’s A2A programme uses its extensive network insights within the HCP community and omnichannel solutions to establish direct brand recognition and foster trust among GNF’s targeted HCPs in Indonesia.

Through its platform and digital channels, the community develops and delivers customised scientific educational content.

Docquity continuously monitors user interactions in real-time and refines strategies using its proprietary Intent to Prescribe (ITP) metric.

To enhance market penetration throughout Indonesia, the HCP collaborates closely with local distributors, ensuring seamless product availability across hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy chains nationwide.

This partnership optimises GNF’s supply chain and expands its market presence across the Indonesian archipelago.

Docquity chief commercial officer Christophe Meugnier said: “Docquity’s Awareness to Advocacy Program and strong local partnerships enable us to provide end-to-end sales and marketing support for healthcare companies looking to build their presence in Southeast Asia.”