This week marks a significant milestone for Cupffee, our innovative, biodegradable, and wholly edible coffee cups that have been stirring up the food industry. Raising EUR 1.8M in a pre-seed round, Cupffee has secured backing from Eleven Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm known for fostering game-changing startups. The round also includes a EUR 1.3M grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC), taking Cupffee a step closer to pioneering a shift from disposable to sustainable coffee culture.

Fueled by a passion for reducing global waste, Cupffee presents a green and crunchy solution to the world’s plastic problem. Our edible cups, crafted with proprietary technology and entirely natural ingredients, promise not only an enhanced coffee experience but also a stride towards a waste-free future. Cupffee’s guiding principle is simple, but powerful: enable and inspire consumers to contribute to environmental change, one Cupffee at a time.

In a world increasingly mindful of its environmental footprint, our beloved daily ritual of sipping coffee to-go from a disposable cup is tinged with guilt. Every year, we consume a staggering 16 billion plastic cups, leaving mountains of waste that burdens our planet. It’s a challenge Cupffee is committed to addressing!

With Eleven Ventures and EIC investment, we’re armed with a novel solution to combat the disposable cup dilemma. Imagine a world where your coffee cup doesn’t just hold your brew, but also makes it tastier and, most importantly, is 100% guilt-free. That’s what Cupffee is all about: fusing the joy of coffee with a conscious respect for Mother Earth.

As single-use plastics wreak havoc on our oceans and wildlife, we see a global shift towards sustainable alternatives. Government regulations tighten, public voices grow louder, and amidst this powerful tide, Cupffee stands tall, ready to disrupt and inspire.

Cupffee currently serves a global clientele spanning the EU, Middle East, USA, and Australia, collaborating with top coffee brands like Lavazza. This partnership has brought the unique Cupffee experience to 18 countries and high-profile events, including Wimbledon, where Giuseppe Lavazza and Queen Elizabeth savored their coffee in eco-friendly edible cups. Cupffee was also served onboard of the first ever plastic-free flight of Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi to Brisbane on Earth Day as part of their commitment to sustainability.

Reflecting on our journey, I could say that Cupffee is my childhood dream turned into reality! When growing up, the sight of plastic waste from disposable coffee cups deeply troubled me and triggered the idea for an edible, eco-friendly alternative. That’s when Cupffee was born! Years of perfecting our unique recipe and building prototypes led to the creation of a sustainable, leak-proof, and crunchy coffee cup that can be enjoyed as a snack!

Today, we’re backed by Eleven Ventures and EIC, supported by global clients, and equipped with an automated manufacturing process. We’re on a mission to transform the coffee-drinking culture and drive sustainability in the food industry.

Join us on this journey as we strive to make each cup of coffee an eco-friendly experience with Cupffee! One cup at a time, let’s change the world!