Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) today announced that it is has created a new business group, Cognizant® Ocean, which will focus on helping clients in the “Blue Economy” apply digital technologies, such as AI and data analytics, to improve their business outcomes, reduce their carbon output and decarbonize the oceans.

Cognizant Ocean aims to drive sustainability, efficiency, and growth in the Blue Economy, which encompasses a wide range of sectors that operate in and around the world’s oceans, including shipping, marine transportation, offshore oil and gas, marine renewables, aquaculture, and marine conservation, among others. These industries play a crucial role in the global economy and provide various goods and services, but also face significant challenges related to sustainability, environmental impact, and climate change.

“Business that rely on a healthy ocean for their livelihood are facing unprecedented challenges because of climate change and over-exploitation on their industry. We created Cognizant Ocean to combine our deep expertise in digital transformation with our understanding of the unique dynamics of ocean industries to deliver solutions that simultaneously improve business outcomes and reduce carbon output,” said Rob Walker, President of Global Growth Markets, Cognizant. “Together with Cognizant Ocean, our clients can help their businesses become more resilient and future-proof while also becoming part of the solution to one of humanity’s biggest problems – making the oceans healthier.”

Cognizant Ocean focuses on four key industries: Blue Carbon, Blue Energy, Blue Transport, and Blue Food.

Blue Carbon, which focuses on decarbonizing the oceans, involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating climate change impacts, and promoting sustainable practices in the ocean industries.
Blue Energy refers to harnessing renewable ocean power, such as offshore wind, tidal energy, and wave energy.
Blue Transport aims to develop efficient and sustainable transportation solutions for maritime and coastal activities, as well as ocean liners.
Blue Food focuses on promoting sustainable and responsible practices in aquaculture and marine food production.
As part of the introduction of Cognizant Ocean, the company also announced a new partnership, which aims to help accelerate decarbonization, starting with the Blue Food industry.

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