The new unique Sweekar is a blend of 20% HOSUN and 80% sunflower oil, according to the company.

HOSUN is produced from sunflower seeds that contain more than three times the amount of mono unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) as compared to regular sunflower oil.

MUFA is known to be good fat and a healthy alternative to saturated fats while improving blood lipid profile.

Cargill India chairman and Cargill Foods India (CFI) head Siraj Chaudhry said, "Sweekar is a well-established and trusted edible oil brand associated with health, nutrition and goodness. Sweekar with high oleic sunflower oil offers consumers the same great taste with added health benefits."

Sweekar is now available across India in an all new premium packaging featuring a new shrink-wrapped box pack that minimizes spillage.

CFI processes, refines and markets a range of both indigenous and imported edible oils, fats and blends to the food industry and also serves household consumers with branded and vitamin-fortified edible oils.