The Beachbody Company, a leading health and fitness company, announced today new 0g Added Sugar options for Shakeology, its blockbuster superfood nutrition shake that has helped millions of people feel great, lose weight and improve their energy and digestion.

Shakeology 0g Added Sugar is now available in Shakeology’s two bestselling flavors, Chocolate (plant-based vegan or whey) and Vanilla (plant-based vegan).

“Shakeology created the category of superfood nutrition shakes 15 years ago, and it’s still the leading formulation for protein, probiotics and fiber for gut health, vitamins and minerals and superfoods – all sourced with the most meticulous approach to quality in the industry,” said BODi CEO Carl Daikeler. “Shakeology 0g Added Sugar provides another great option to help consumers who want to reduce added sugar in their diet to reach their health and wellness goals without sacrificing taste or quality.”

Millions of people have enjoyed more than one billion servings of Shakeology, all of which have been crafted with the finest whole-food-based ingredients to deliver meaningful health benefits. Shakeology 0g Added Sugar flavors replace organic cane sugar with the highest-grade stevia sweeteners, chosen to deliver the cleanest taste that is similar to sugar without a stevia aftertaste.

“I have been formulating for clients as a natural health and nutrition expert for over 20 years, and I know first-hand how important it is to find the right nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle,” said Isabelle Daikeler, Co-formulator of Shakeology. “So often supplements say all the right things on the packaging, but ultimately let you down with compromises. From the start, I wanted Shakeology to be the reliable source of true health and credible potency, and these new Shakeology 0g Added Sugar flavors are a perfect addition to the Shakeology line to maintain that mission. I’m thrilled to help provide the highest-quality superfood shake to help you feel your best every day.”

“Shakeology 0g Added Sugar offers the same powerful blends and benefits as the original. It tastes just as delicious and is formulated with the same attention to the potency and quality of our ingredients,” added Darin Olien, Co-formulator of Shakeology and the co-host of the Emmy Award Winning, #1 Netflix docu-series, Down to Earth with Zac Efron. “My life’s work has been dedicated to sourcing, formulating, and researching the world’s greatest edible food sources for optimal health. With further advancements in ingredients and science, Shakeology 0g Added Sugar is a great, logical step in the evolution of our premium product line, and we are excited to bring it to customers who really care about getting the potency they expect.”