Altamura Distilleries a producer of premium spirits from the unique Altamura Italian wheat, won four top awards from The Spirits Business’ Vodka Masters Competition and has named the companies’ first UK distributor.

Altamura Distilleries’ Vodka won the following awards in The Spirits Business’ Vodka Masters Competition:

Category Award
Vodka – Smooth Gold Medal
Vodka – Europe Gold Medal
Super-Premium (£21-£30) Silver Medal
Vodka – Wheat Silver Medal


“Our mission was to make a premium vodka that represents the terroir of Altamura and its storied wheat,” stated Frank Grillo, the distilleries managing director. “We’re very pleased the tasters recognized the uniqueness of our product. This is the second judging we have entered since launching our vodka and the second time we have been recognized with an award.”

The Spirits Business is a UK-based international spirits magazine and website. Its readers include more than 50,000 spirits professionals worldwide. The firm runs many Masters Competitions in numerous spirits categories. This is the first year Altamura participated in the competition. For more information on the completion:

Altamura Distilleries is also very pleased to announce that it has teamed with Saviano Food Import LTD, of Leeds, West Yorkshire to distribute the companies’ vodka and soon to be available gin in northern England.

“We are excited to be able to bring this uniquely Italian vodka to our customers,” said Gennaro Saviano of Saviano Foods. “We are certain the barmen at our client restaurants will enjoy using Altamura Vodka to create unique cocktails for their patrons.”

Saviano Food Import, with more than 10 years experience, provides a multitude of Italian foods, produce, wines and spirits to top Italian restaurants throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Manchester and Liverpool. For more information: