Tea stopped being boring! Finally, there’s choices beyond Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Chamomile. Almost Tea is making the world’s most creative, crazy, and delicious almost-like-dessert teas, all inspired by your favorite guilty pleasures.

Each month, Almost partners with a small-batch chocolatier, baker, or confectioner throughout the US to inspire a new collection of never-before-seen tea blends. Working collaboratively with the original dessert maker, Almost develops a customized blend that is vetted and approved to taste just like its dessert inspiration.

Their first six blends were developed alongside Brownie Points, the sisters-in-law founded Brownie Points bakery in Columbus, Ohio, and include Brown Butter Bourbon Blitz, Cinnamon Toast Munch, Chai Caramel Latte, Spiked Apple Cider, Double Chocolate Chunk, and Raspberry Caramel Fudge. Starting in January 2023, Almost Tea will launch a new batch of six teas every single month, in partnership with a different small-batch dessert maker throughout the US.

The eight-year journey to creating Almost Tea began with co-founder Monique Zauner’s first business, Universal Yums, which she started with her husband, Eli. To avoid mindlessly snacking on Universal Yums’ snacks and candies, Monique began drinking herbal tea as a post-lunch ritual five years ago. “By my 34th cup of chamomile tea, I started to wonder…why can’t I try more interesting teas? I’ve tried haggis potato chips and violet flower dark chocolate. But tea, as a category, has been overlooked. It’s my goal to make tea that’s both an interesting and satisfying alternative to dessert.”

All Almost teas are calorie-free, gluten-free, and sodium free, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Each artfully designed tea sachet is individually-wrapped for convenience, and filled with 30% more tea than industry-standard for a potent, flavorful cup. Boxes are sold as sampler packs, with 30 sachets inside. Each box contains a 50/50 split of caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas. Tea blends can also be purchased individually.

These guilt free treats are available online at drinkalmost.com, starting at $26 per box.

For media inquiries and sample requests, please contact nicolette@drinkalmost.com / 973-287-6542.