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Dawn Foods offers customers a gelatine-free stabilising system for the perfect vegetarian dessert mousse, and glazing products to give pastries added shine.

When transforming a whipped dairy cream into a bavarois or mousse, gelatine has long been the ultimate ingredient. It's easy to work with, neutral in taste, and helps create smooth aerated mousses and bavarois. It also adds stability to bavarois, keeping this classic cream dessert in perfect shape. However, in most European countries, food crises, such as BSE, dioxin and bird flu have led to growing demands for gelatine-free pastry products, as well as for vegetarian and vegan products, alongside religion-driven dietary requests (for example, halal and kosher products).

Dawn Foods has developed Pablo, a gelatine-free stabilising system that enables its customers to produce vegetarian dessert mousses and cut-stable bavaroises. In the past, ingredient suppliers have launched various vegetarian alternatives in an attempt to match gelatine's unique functionalities, and good textures were achieved for gelatine-free dessert mousses, typically served in pots or tubs. However, until recently, no convenient gelatine-free solution could be offered to help pastry producers prepare a robust and 'cut-stable' vegetarian bavarois. Unlike dessert mousses, bavaroises needs to be portioned into self-supporting cake wedges, which should maintain shape and volume after handling and transport, as well as during chilled and frozen storage. Bavaroises also need to combine an aerated, cohesive and elastic structure, with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

Perfect combination

When Pablo and cream are mixed together, the ingredients interact in many different ways. When pectin (originating from Pablo) and calcium (originating from cream) interact, it results in the formation of an elastic pectin-calcium gel. Dawn Foods has carried out a lot of research into these interactions and tested products on production lines of supportive key customers who say that Pablo meets their industrial needs.

Pablo can be combined with fruit purées, chocolate, compounds and flavouring pastes, and allows for the stabilising of dairy as well as vegetarian whipped creams. Thanks to its sophisticated formulation, Pablo can be applied on batch wise and continuous whipping installations, for preparing chilled or frozen mousses and bavaroises.

Amazing glazing

Most viennoiserie (croissants, chocolate breads and Danish pastries), bread rolls, brioches and other baked goods are made visually more appealing by giving them a shiny surface. Their gloss is realised by spraying or brushing a glaze on their surface before the goods go to the oven or freezer. Egg has been traditionally the preferred glaze, attributing an impeccable sheen and golden yellow colour. While many artisanal bakeries are working with fresh eggs, industry preferred to use pasteurised liquid egg.

However, liquid egg has a few practical drawbacks, such as bacteriological risks, an unpleasant smell, a cold supply chain and a refrigerated shelf life limited to four weeks. Egg production and use are also related to animal welfare, food crises and price increases.

Anticipating these drawbacks, Dawn Foods developed two types of ready-to-use (RTU) glazes: Unishine Plus and Emulshine. Both are sterilised liquids and are, as a consequence, ambient-stable for at least six months. Unlike most other commercially available egg-free glazes, Unishine Plus and Emulshine are free from modified starches, synthetic emulsifiers, hydrocolloids and phosphates.

Unishine Plus: the first completely vegan glaze, comprising only natural ingredients, which are exempt from allergen labelling. Unishine Plus gives a long-lasting gloss when applied on baked goods immediately before or after the baking oven. Thanks to its vegan status and ambient stability, its eco-footprint is only a fraction of that of pasteurised liquid eggs.
Emulshine: an RTU glaze, based on a unique combination of milk and vegetarian proteins and oil. This combination creates an extremely robust glaze, which even maintains its glazing power when applied before proofing. Frozen bake-off products covered with Emulshine always leave the oven with an appetising sheen, even when the goods were subjected to strong fluctuations in temperature (freezing and defrosting) or humidity (condensation and drying out).

The development of Unishine Plus and Emulshine has been substantiated by numerous line trials at customers' facilities. While both products can be easily applied on all types of conventional spraying machines (nozzles and rotating disks), Unishine Plus can also be sprayed with 'pulse width modulated' nozzles thanks to its low viscosity. These nozzles control and adjust their flow rate and spray pattern by ultra-rapid on/off switching, without the need to change pressure or inject air. In this way, spraying can be accurate, uniform, and easy to control and adjust, while overspray, misting and glaze usage can be reduced and worker safety improved.

Less is more

Dawn Foods is also trying to meet a growing demand for products that support health and wellness. In pastry and sweet baked goods, it is about eating less fat and sugar for health reasons. In line with this, Dawn Foods has developed concepts in which sugar content is reduced by 30% without compromising taste. Sugar-reduced mousse, custard cream, pound cake and a cheesecake demonstrate how to cut calories without impairing indulgence.

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