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Standard bearers

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that diligently monitoring the safety of our food and food markets is essential. Proper hygiene, handwashing and the need for continued regulation of food markets has rarely had higher public awareness. Julie Evans uncovers how the Food Standards Agency in the UK is working, virus or no virus, to fight against harmful pathogens in our food, and what help it is looking for from the government.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Nutritional supplements have been central to athletes’ performance for years, though stars have traditionally focused more on their physical strength. But with the links between physical and cognitive health becoming even clearer, that’s changing. Andrea Valentino talks to Luca Bucchini, vice-chair of the European Specialist Sport Nutrition Alliance, about the latest cognitive supplements, regulatory and communication challenges, and how the industry might develop in future.

Global movement for mental health

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted or halted critical mental health services in 93% of countries worldwide, while the demand for treatment of psychological disorders is increasing, according to a new WHO survey. Jack Bull presents some of the latest findings and recommended actions from the organisation.

Sense of the world

Considering what has happened in 2020, it is not surprising that it has been a year of disruption for many industries – and the flavour and fragrances segment is no different. Harriet Miles details how organisations such as the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and International Organisation of the Flavour Industry (IOFI) have been dealing with the crisis, and identifies how the industry as a whole is tackling the ongoing threat of climate change at the same time.

Flower of sustainability

With customers increasingly demanding responsible sourcing from food suppliers, companies must decide whether to take meaningful action to meet the needs of their stakeholders, as well as their environmental and social ecosystems. Some, as Prova’s chief sustainability officer Alessandra Ognibene-Lerouvillois explains to Jim Banks, are leading the way.

Trust in regulation

Awareness around clean labelling has been growing among consumers, as people begin
to pay more attention to the ingredients in their food. In this report, Alex Millar studies where
the segment is at currently, what its innovations are and why there is such a strong consumer
desire for clean labels anyway.