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The ingredients of success

The word ‘nutraceutical’ – a combination of ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceutical’ – is an umbrella term describing any food or ingredient that provides nutritional and health benefits, and helps to prevent disease. Nutraceuticals include herbal products, food supplements, probiotics and prebiotics. This edited version of ‘A review on nutraceuticals: The combination of nutrition and pharmaceutical’ by Souvik Tewari and Kamble Sumeet Ramkrishna, examines common nutraceuticals and their potential health-giving properties.

Microorganisms with benefits

Found everywhere from yoghurt to beer, we’ve known about the health benefits of probiotics for generations. But it’s only recently that they’ve taken the world by storm, and can now be found in beauty stores and supermarket aisles. Not that it’s all plain sailing, though. Andrea Valentino talks to Dr Arthur Ouwehand, the International Probiotic Association’s Scientific Committee chair, about the current state of probiotics, challenges around regulation and packaging, and how they could yet transform the lives of millions of people in future.

Give brain function a boost

Nootropics, also known as ‘smart drugs’, ‘brain boosters’ or memory-enhancing drugs, are compounds that can be taken to improve mental performance. In an edited version of the report ‘Establishing natural nootropics: Recent molecular enhancement influenced by natural nootropic’, a team of Malaysian medical academics discuss their usage.

Taste with less waste

As the food industry continues to make scientific breakthroughs, there have been numerous advances in tastes and textures within alternative foods; for example, natural flavours, texture solutions for plant-based proteins, and increased sustainability. Bob Covey explores how companies are expanding their growing repertoire of food colourings and plant-based flavourings.

Reinvent the zeal

The fallout from the Covid-19 virus has hugely disrupted the food and beverage industry, with manufacturers devising careful strategies to avoid economic losses and connect with consumers during this turbulent time. For Prova, a global leader in manufacturing flavours and extracts for the sweet food industry, this is a time for reinvention; a moment to devise new ways of working and innovate marketing strategies, while supporting local businesses and charities.

In small doses

An extensive body of evidence has shown that an increased level of dietary sodium intake is associated with higher blood pressure. A new study from researchers at the University of Sydney and the George Institute for Global Health explores recommended salt intake and the benefits of potassium chloride as a sodium reduction solution. Ingredients Insight presents an edited version of ‘Effect of dose and duration of reduction in dietary sodium on blood pressure levels: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised trials’, originally published in the British Medical Journal.