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Natural selection: clean-label and natural ingredients

Clean-label and natural ingredients are crucial to the ingredients sector. Dr Jan van Loo of Beneo Group defines clean label and identifies the rising stars in the market.

Brazil: a cornerstone of the ingredients supply chain

The food industry depends on reliable supplies of key ingredients from all over the world and countries such as Brazil play an integral role in the supply chain. Jim Banks spoke to Henrique Bavoso of Univar Brasil about the importance of the South American nation as a source of ingredients, and the challenges and opportunities that the future holds.

Chocolate heaven: Mars labs

The new £6-million Mars Chocolate R&D facility in Slough is home to some of the most significant innovations in the industry. Geoff Bryant, director R&D, Mars Chocolate UK, speaks to Ingredients Insight about the world-class development.

The stevia way

The stevia sector continues to lead the way when it comes to innovation. Larry Fernandes, president of the International Stevia Council, talks to Ingredients Insight about current and future market trends as well as important product launches.

A bright future: consumer confidence in colour ingredients

Ensuring the safety of colour ingredients used in popular consumer products, and maintaining the public’s confidence in safety, is the ultimate goal of the colour industry. Sarah Codrea, executive director of the International Association of Colour Manufacturers, reports.

Being charitable: the rise of corporate cause marketing

Over the past 20 years, the scale and frequency of corporate cause marketing campaigns has exploded. Kim Saam of US non-profit organisation Vitamin Angels reports.

Vanilla’s sustainable future

Vanilla flavours many sweet and savoury dishes from around the world, and continues to be one of the most popular dessert ingredients. Here, the Rainforest Alliance reports on measures to ensure the sustainable future of this wonderfully aromatic spice.

Sustainable sustenance: benefits for all

When sustainability becomes more than just a buzzword and leads to meaningful gestures, it can benefit everyone from big business to small farming communities in the developing world. Jim Banks spoke to Jerry Lynch and Steve Peterson of General Mills about what it means to put a sustainable strategy into action.

Spicy business

Santa Maria lives and breathes spice. The Sweden-based company began trading in the mid-20th century and since then has continued to create innovative products and concepts, as Peter Blomgren, head of research and development, explains.

Healthy trends: a surge in natural ingredients

The food and beverage industry, and to a lesser extend the supplement sector, are increasingly moving away from synthesised ingredients in favour of natural alternatives. Karin Nielsen, director of the ingredients division at Canadean, reports.