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On the whey up

The dairy product whey has been named as one of 2018’s hottest ingredients, moving from a niche position as a health food or nutritional supplement to become a favourite of general food manufacturers – and even leading chefs. Grace Allen speaks to Fraser Tooley, president of the European Whey Processors Association, to discuss the uses of whey, its change in public perception and what the future holds for this versatile ingredient.

Snack in action: growth of cheese

According to food and drinks experts Zenith, worldwide cheese snack consumption grew 4.5% in 2017 to an estimated 472,000t. Pamela Kokoszka looks at the latest in cheese snack innovation and finds out what is behind this surge in popularity.

The good brother: hemp-based foods

Hemp food products are widely recognised for their nutritional benefits. However, recent years have seen much confusion over the legality of hemp and its derivatives. Ingredient Insight speaks to Anndrea Hermann, the president emeritus of the Hemp Industries Association, to shed further light on the uses for hemp in our diet, the benefits it can and offer how specialist manufacturers are widening the product range.

Get the scoop: vegan ice creams

With the news of Ben & Jerry’s creating vegan-based versions of its ice cream, as well as supermarkets expanding the vegan offering that they stock, Sonia Sharma profiles the aisles of plant-based meals and new product developments within this sector.

Oiling the wheels

The global oil market is growing, with new trends and sustainability issues being ever present. GlobalData reviews the current market, offering unprecedented insight.

Trust the facts, not the headlines: low-calorie sweeteners

With just a quick search online, one can get all types of conflicting information about low-calorie sweeteners. But where does the science stand? Vicky Pyrogianni, scientific director to the International Sweeteners Association (ISA), discusses the state of the science on low-calorie sweeteners’ benefits and the role they play in sugar reduction.

From city to flavoursome city: food flavours across Europe

With an extensive and even passionate history, flavours play an essential role in the experience we have with food. That’s why the European Flavours Association’s FlavourDay tour has gone from strength to strength, as Andrew Tunnicliffe reports.

Guiding light: Food Supplements Europe

Patrick Coppens, director of scientific and regulatory affairs at Food Supplements Europe, discusses the organisation’s good manufacturing practice guidelines.

Room for improvement: functional foods

Functional foods are all the rage right now, but mushrooms are further blurring the lines between food and medicine, as a report by GlobalData explains.

All the fun of the fair

This year’s Hi Europe & Ni takes place in Germany on 27–29 November. Ingredients Insight gets the low-down on what visitors can expect from the event.