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13 May 2021
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Sweetness and light

Vitamin E from sunflowers, the natural alternative

Omega: the alpha of nutrients

A key ingredient in international distribution


Market wipe
In this special report, John Munroe presents the latest studies from both WHO and GlobalData, charting the Covid-19 crisis and what kind of impact it has had on food systems, labour relations and markets across the globe. Plus, how sudden restrictions have drastically altered the behaviour and habits of consumers.

Give brain function a boost
Nootropics, also known as ‘smart drugs’, ‘brain boosters’ or memory-enhancing drugs, are compounds that can be taken to improve mental performance. In an edited version of the report ‘Establishing natural nootropics: Recent molecular enhancement influenced by natural nootropic’, a team of Malaysian medical academics discuss their usage.

Food for thought
Dementia is a leading cause of ill health among older adults. Amy Jennings and Anne Marie Minihane of the University of East Anglia, and Stephen Cunnane of Université de Sherbrooke, discuss the evidence and potential for food and bioactive components to encourage healthy brain ageing and reduce the risk of dementia.

Healthy body, healthy mind
Nutritional supplements have been central to athletes’ performance for years, though stars have traditionally focused more on their physical strength. But with the links between physical and cognitive health becoming even clearer, that’s changing. Andrea Valentino talks to Luca Bucchini, vice-chair of the European Specialist Sport Nutrition Alliance, about the latest cognitive supplements, regulatory and communication challenges, and how the industry might develop in future.

Unconventional validity
One long-underestimated health resource is traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM), which comes with numerous practical applications. As products and as medically verified treatments, T&CMs have been on a long journey to legitimacy, though threats – such as Covid-19 – continue to threaten derailment, even as WHO is beginning to look encouraging at them. Martin Morris dissects the latest WHO-based research on the topic.

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