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14 April 2024
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The Sandman's secret tonics
Since the pandemic ravaged schedules and routines, supplements to encourage sleeping have boomed. Not that this is especially surprising; with stress a rising problem among adults and youngsters alike, it makes sense that they should look for help, with melatonin just one of many popular options. But beyond the hype, do doctors, patients and manufacturers truly understand what supplements are for? And might broader lifestyle changes, around work and diet, be more useful long-term? Andrea Valentino investigates, getting help from world-renowned sleep expert Dr Michael Grandner.

Something's fishy
The fish-free diet has been on an exponential rise, with animal welfare, environmental impact and health concerns driving its popularity. As food science innovation continues apace, there have never been so many fish alternatives readily available at your local supermarket. Abi Millar speaks to the experts to find out how suppliers are providing novel plant-based fish.

A highly concentrated form of nature
FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH is a specialist producer of high-quality CO2 extracts from herbs and spices. The private and independent company has been supplying the cosmetics, perfumery, food and nutraceutical industries with a wide range of products for more than 35 years.

Cooking up algorithms
AI is becoming a force for change in every industry and food manufacturing is no exception. It is changing how businesses operate, driving efficiency, influencing ingredient selection, recipe design and much more. Jim Banks examines how big food companies are using AI to revolutionise the industry.

Are dairy alternatives milking their claims?
Whether you are lactose intolerant or dairy-free, you are spoiled for choice when shopping for milk alternatives. More often than not, shoppers find themselves facing down the choice between lactosefree, almond, oat and soya alternatives that fill the dairy and long-life aisles. However, are our beloved dairy-free drinks as healthy as they’re made out to be? Nicholas Kenny speaks to Kathryn Burton-Pimentel, scientific researcher and registered dietitian at Agroscope, to find out more.

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