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30 September 2023
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The growth power of astaxanthin


No need to get lipid over fatty acids
Omega-3 has long been hailed as an essential part of cardiovascular health; benefiting the organ and reducing the specific risk of heart disease. But while fatty acids have been recommended by physicians and other experts for decades, evidence for cardiovascular claims has been inconsistent. New studies, however, increasingly show the link between omega-3 and improved heart health, both when it comes to supplements and in food. Andrea Valentino speaks to Professor Philip Calder at the University of Southampton and Professor Simin Liu of Brown University to find out more.

A cultured palette
Offering a complexity of flavours and potential health benefits, fermented foods – such as yoghurt, kimchi and kombucha – are seeing a rise in popularity as more and more consumers reach for their sour, tangy flavours. Phoebe Galbraith speaks to Troy Douglas, co-founder of Nexba, Michelle Lim, kimchi business executive at CJ CheilJedang on behalf of its brand Bibigo, and Sebastien Rusu, head of brand activation at Yeo Valley, to find out more about this flavour trend and its future in the industry.

A regulatory olive branch
Recent changes to the EU’s regulatory framework to improve efficiency and create a more homogenous olive oil market have meant introducing new quality and labelling regulations. Martin Morris speaks to Giuseppe Trapani, managing director of OGGLIO UK, and Yacine Amor, managing director of the Artisan Olive Oil Company, to find out how the new measures will impact the wider market.

Sugar tax gone flat?
Attempts at reducing sugar consumption are well-documented, with one notable example being the success of the sugar tax on fizzy drinks in the UK. But with the broader food industry struggling to reach voluntary 20% targets – no thanks to a lack of enforcement from the government – what’s next in the fight against the white stuff? Andrea Valentino speaks to Professor Graham MacGregor of Queen Mary University of London and Jane DeVille-Almond of the British Obesity Society to learn more.

Prebiotics versus probiotics
Over recent decades in both research and product development, probiotics have been hailed for their benefits on the body and digestive system. But what about the often overlooked, similar-sounding, prebiotic? Ellys Woodhouse speaks to Dr Alexandra Shustina, founder of Whole Gut Health; Dr Mastaneh Sharafi, vice-president of scientific and clinical affairs at Ritual; and Dr Megan Rossi, founder of The Gut Health Doctor, to hear about the benefits of taking prebiotics, their food sources and how they compare with probiotics.

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