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With regard to the reduction of sugars in food and beverages worldwide, governments - such as Mexico, Chile, the US, Colombia, Portugal, France, Canada, Australia, Finland, Hungary, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore - have implemented taxes or are exploring limiting the growing health costs for non-communicable diseases (NCD) - diseases caused by unhealthy nutrition - through levying taxes mainly on beverages containing high amounts of sugar.

The beverage and food industry has understood that there is a clear mandate to formulate products with a balanced and healthy nutritional profile, and reduced sugar levels. This is reflected by a steep increase in new product launches that include high-intensity sweeteners. . The challenges faced in formulating sugarreduced Beverages

Each high-intensity sweetener has its own taste properties and sweetness profiles, and in most beverage applications, sweetener characteristics and legal dosage restrictions require a combination of high intensity sweeteners. This can often go along with a lack of mouthfeel - the undesired, bitter or metallic off-tastes or the lingering sweet after-taste, affecting the character aroma of the application.

New technologies in the intensive sweeteners industry are solving these challenges. One outstanding example is SWEETHOUSE's Qorus® Dolce sweetener system. This technology provides freedom to formulate sugar-reduced or sugar-free beverages with an optimised sweetness profile.

Sensory research in close cooperation with independent sensory institutes plays an important role, and is backed up by detailed market research, with a focus on the overall global market environment, consumer preferences and perception.

Balancing act of natural flavor

Today, the selection criteria for ingredients has been boiled down to the safe and quick application, regulatory approval and physiological safety for use in a wide variety of beverage and food applications.

With Qorus Dolce, patented combinations of substances are utilised, which optimise the sweetness perception, without carrying undesired flavours into the final application. The function of such components is not to impart sweetness, but instead to balance the sweetness profile in the desired application.

Case study and stability evaluation of Qorus Dolce

Firstly, the process conditions of a pasteurisation (100°C in 30 seconds) and sterilisation (140°C in five seconds) are checked and found to be 100% stable.

To verify stability of the system across the shelf life of a commercial product under extreme temperature conditions, an industrial filling test was performed in the Middle East.

In an orange juice drink (12% juice) with pH 3.5, 40% sugar was reduced using Qorus Dolce, and the product was bottled under production conditions in standard PET bottles with standard HDPE caps, and was stored for seven months at 43 and 25°C. Product stability after seven months was evaluated with analytical and sensorial methods.

Maintaining the product profile is key

HPLC analysis of Qorus Dolce showed maximum 1% loss after seven months at 25°C and a maximum loss of only 11%, even after seven months at 40°C. The panel compared a full sugar control with a 40% sugar-reduced version, and assessed sweetness and mouthfeel. The sweetness development was rated over a period of three minutes in order to show the full sensory profile from sweetness onset to aftertaste.

The evaluation shows that the 40% sugar reduction with the Qorus Dolce 11000 sweetener system follows the sugar profile very closely and has a clean, balanced sweetness with no lingering aftertaste. Basically, consumers cannot recognise any sweetness loss in the final product, even after such a long time.

SWEETHOUSE Qorus Dolce patented sweetener innovation is helping to create delicious beverages and food products across the entire range of sugar replacement ratios while maintaining a balanced, clean sweetness profile. The 'drop -in' systems facilitates instant application and decreases time to market.

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