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With a pharmaceutical background and strong expertise in extraction and purification of bioflavonoids, Ferlux offers a range of selected berry extracts. Fully traceable from the raw fruit to the finished extract, Trueberry extracts are a guarantee of authenticity and purity.

Trueberry, authentic berry extracts

Too many berry extracts available on the market do not meet their own specifications in terms of assay and contaminants. Furthermore, due to their high price and complexity, berry extracts are ideal candidates for economically motivated adulteration.

To help nutraceutical companies and ultimately consumers getting the best from berries, Ferlux is introducing Trueberry extracts, an entire line of berry extracts. Pharmaceutical DNA and commitment to traceability are key assets to offer fully characterized and efficient extracts (Fig. 1).

Pharmaceutical quality process

As a pharmaceutical company, Ferlux production site in France is GMP certified and follows HACCP guidelines (Fig. 2).

Ferlux works with a selected network of approved suppliers and ensures the identity of the berries it processes through validated authentication methods. Rigorous analytical control at each step of the production process ensures the safety and the potency of Trueberry extracts.

Comprehensive production records are available for each batch, ensuring a full traceability from the raw material to the extract.

Proven efficacy

More than prime quality, Trueberry extracts, also stands for proven efficacy. It is FERLUX's mission to better understand the benefits of berry extracts and mechanism of action of bioflavonoids. Since its creation, FERLUX has worked with different universities on various research programs.

Trueberry extracts are indeed subjects of several published scientific studies, related to biodisponibility, antioxidant capacity, nutrigenomic activity, cardiovascular and eye health.

Trueberry extracts health benefits

Potent antioxidants, Berry extracts rich in anthocyanosides are useful in a wide variety of applications. Bilberry is well known for its benefits on eye health and cranberry for urinary tract infection prevention.

A growing body of scientific evidences shows that Aronia and blackcurrant extracts have interesting properties for metabolic syndrome and blood glucose regulation.

As far as Elderberry, it is a very potent natural defense against cold and flu to be used in immune system formulas.

Innovation through fermentation

Besides regular Trueberry extracts, Ferlux, an industrial innovator, is developing a line of fermented berry extracts. Fermentation is a simple, safe and natural food process, that allows to create innovative, unique and efficient products. Through the fermentation, native compounds are indeed transformed into new more stable and effective active complexes (fig. 3).

Extracyan, enhanced bilberry exract for eye health

The first fermented extract offered by Ferlux is a fermented bilberry extract, Extracyan. During fermentation, anthocyanins are condensed into the Catocyanic Complex (Fig 5). Several ex-vivo and clinical publications demonstrated the higher efficacy of Extracyan for cardiovascular and eye health.

Extracyan is twice as effective than regular bilberry extract for the prevention of atherosclerotic development. It also increases the distance of accommodation and contrast sensibility in myopic patients (Fig. 4).

Trueberry extracts for efficacy and peace of mind

As consumers are more and more sensitive to natural products and healthy habits, foods supplements get under increasing scrutiny. From a pharmaceutical background, committed to berry extracts and food supplements, Ferlux offers Trueberry extracts wich are already compliant to all further requirements.

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Trueberry extracts, authentic berry benefits
Trueberry extracts are manufactured in a GMP certified facility in France
Example 1 of active compounds transformation trough the fermentation process
Example 2 of active compounds transformation trough the fermentation process
Semi-developed representation of the Catocyanic Complex
Enhanced efficacy of Extracyan compared to regular bilberry extract
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