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Uelzena Ingredients is a business unit of the Uelzena group. The company's portfolio of milk based ingredients includes low and medium heat skimmed milk powder, sweet buttermilk powder, butter, anhydrous milk fats and sweetened condensed milk, as well as customised fat compounds. Most of the products are certified according to kosher and halal requirements. Besides the ingredients unit, Uelzena is a well-known specialist and solution provider for contract drying of natural colors and flavors as well as vitamins, minerals or vegetable extracts.

All products are produced in several group-owned production plants in northern Germany and distributed by Uelzena's headquarter, as well as Uelzena's subsidiary company WS Warmsener Spezialitäten. Their customer base comprises the largest industrial confectionery, chocolate, ice cream and baking companies as well as craft businesses.

Skimmed milk powder and buttermilk powder for chocolate and confectionery

Uelzena supplies low heat and medium heat skimmed milk powder for chocolate and confectionery products. The range is completed by a sweet buttermilk powder.

All milk powder variations are characterised by their balanced and still-pronounced milk flavour and the excellent processing properties. Uelzena produces high quality skimmed milk powders with finely tuned properties, including the degree of denaturation, solubility parameters, low dusting properties, particle sizes and mixing behaviour.

The gently heated and barely denatured low heat skimmed milk powder is perfectly suited for the recombination of milk and its further processing into yoghurt, cheese and fermented dairy products.

Milk powder range:

  • low heat skimmed milk powder
  • high heat skimmed milk powder
  • standardised, semi-standardised or non-standardised skimmed milk powder
  • agglomerated skimmed milk powder
  • buttermilk powder.

Milk fat, anhydrous butter-oil, fractionated butterfat and milk fat compounds

The main milk fat products are lactic and sweetcream butters, plus anhydrous milk fat (butter oil). But Uelzena can even provide very special milk fat products, like fractionated milk fats with defined melting points, white anhydrous milk fat or customised milk fat compounds.

Using a unique fractionation technology, hard stearins can be separated from soft or liquid oleins, and the individual fractions can be recombined into a wealth of products. Defined melting points, degrees of hardness and certain melting behaviour to meet the customer's specifications are possible upon request.

Another very special technological process, deodoration, allows the removal of both colour and - if needed - taste from butter, while the reduction of cholesterol is also possible. The result: white butterfat for light crèmes, white or fruit filled cream candies and chocolates, and fats with a bland taste that can be mixed with nuts, brittle or flavourings.

Besides producing and distributing its own milk fat ingredients range, Uelzena offers the contract production of butter and anhydrous milk fat, as well as contract processing like fractionation and the deodorisation of milk fat.

Butter and butter fat range:

  • German branded butter 82% fat
  • butter 82% fat with vanillin or carotene
  • concentrated butter 99.8% fat
  • anhydrous milk fat 99.8 % fat with vanillin, carotene and/or nitrogen
  • puff pastry butter with different melting points.

Sweetened condensed milk, yoghurt, cream products and customised fat compounds

Uelzena's subsidiary company, Warmsener Spezialitäten, specialises in producing sweetened condensed milk, also lightly caramelised or as blends with vegetable fats and in organic, kosher and halal quality.

The SCM products are available with various fat levels and dry matter contents. Viscosity parameters can be adjusted as requested and addition of powders and other ingredients is possible. The production process ensures an excellent dispersal of lactose and therefore a perfect crystallisation of the product.

The product range for the food processing industry is completed by versatile cream products and yoghurt (also lactose free) as well as fat compounds for the production of dips, sauces, desserts, delicatessen salads, canned fish, ready meals or fresh products

Product range:

  • sweet condensed milk
  • Type Dulce de leche
  • cream products, even without lactose
  • yoghurt products
  • tailor made fat compounds.

Specialist for contract spray drying

Uelzena is a specialist in drying a broad range of products from difference product groups including protein hydrolysates, tea extracts, natural colours, flavours, soy sauces, yeast extracts, beta carotenes, vitamins and minerals on behalf of our customers. Uelzena can offer the processes needed for the processing of water-soluble extracts, aqueous solutions, multi-component mixes and emulsions.

A particular strength lies in the tailor-made development, control, structuring and systematisation of the processing process for each spray product. Depending on the starting raw material, they use various spray drying technologies such as centrifugal or nozzle atomisation, which enable them to control the most varied physical parameters of the powder in a targeted manner according to customer specifications. Productions according to kosher, halal and organic requirements are possible.

Certifications and quality management

Safety and quality are top priorities. Uelzena holds all the necessary certifications ranging from ISO 9001 and IFS up to organic, kosher and halal productions.
The standard certifications are frequently complemented by demanding customer audits. Production is strictly monitored trough defined quality management processes assisted by several specialised in house laboratories and a certified sensory panel.

Products and Services

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Uelzena delivers low-heat and medium-heat skimmed milk powder and buttermilk powder with different protein and water contents. Packaging: 25kg paper sacs, 1.000kg big bags and road tankers.
Uelzena poduces butter and butter oil. AMF is even available with carotene or vanillin or softened with nitrogen. Packaging 10kg, 25kg carton, 2.5kg bar or heated container.
Using unique process technologies like fractionating and deodoration, Uelzena can create specialised milk fats products with specific fat profiles and melting points, white butter fat or liquid milk fat mixes.
Uelzena’s subsidiary “Warmsener Spezialitäten” is one of the biggest producer of sweetened condensed milk with different fat and anhydrous mass content. Packaging: bag in box, different type of containers, road truck.
As a contract spray dryer Uelzena is specialised in drying many product groups and offer the processes needed for the processing of water-soluble extracts, aqueous solutions, multi-component mixes and emulsions.
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