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Established in 2011, VF Bioscience is a French biotech company developing innovative, high-quality functional ingredients for dietary supplements and functional food. We have a strict commitment to quality and efficacy; all our products are research-based and clinically validated.

Our research focuses on the identification of new probiotic strains, active bacterial metabolites and fermentation products. Through strategic scientific and commercial partnerships, we have extended our product portfolio to selected, patented plant extracts.

Applications of VF Bioscience products include prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, immune support, improvement of mood and cognitive function, bone health maintenance... All ingredients are exclusive, designed to provide optimal support for health and wellbeing.


We are located in Lille, France, at the heart of a major European medical and academic cluster. Thanks to our collaborations with local universities and hospitals, we can perform preclinical and clinical studies to validate the properties of our innovative products.

Our Miami-based subsidiary, VF Bioscience USA, develops products for the North American market. These products are based on the same, exclusive lactic acid bacteria strains as the European products.

Probiotic strains

We know that the efficacy of a probiotic is highly dependent on the strain. This is why we only work with exclusive, fully characterised, clinically validated strains.

We currently offer Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3, a patented probiotic with unique antioxidant properties. Consumption of Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 boosts production of the major cellular antioxidant glutathione. Twenty years of research and clinical studies support the efficacy of L.fermentum ME-3 for cardiovascular and metabolic disease prevention (reduction of oxidized LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides), anti-aging (systemic antioxidant effect) and detoxification (liver function support).

Other lactic acid bacteria strains are in the pipeline and will soon be available for use in dietary supplements, as well as for production of dairy products and functional foods.

Patented plant extracts

VF Bioscience has established a commercial and scientific partnership with Amino Up Chemical Ltd, a Japanese company producing unique, clinically-validated plant extracts. VF Bioscience works as the exclusive European distributor of Amino Up's products, AHCC® and ETAS®.

  • AHCC® (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is a potent stimulator of the immune system produced by a patented process of Shiitake mycelium culture. AHCC's main active components, alpha-glucans, are small molecules easily absorbed by the organism. AHCC is Japan's top-selling immune support ingredient, its properties have been described in more than 80 scientific articles, including reports of more than 20 human clinical studies.
  • ETAS is an innovative extract obtained from asparagus, which alleviates the effects of stress by controlling the levels of cortisol. ETAS also shows a clinically validated efficacy for sleep improvement, support of mood and cognitive function, and protection of neuronal cells. Most of ETAS' beneficial effects derive from its capacity to induce cytoprotective heat-shock proteins.

High purity botanicals

VF Bioscience also offers ingredients developed by the Italian biotech company Active Botanicals Research (ABR, Brendola, Italy). ABR has developed an industrial platform for the production of selected active ingredients from suspension plant cell cultures. This approach offers multiple benefits: unlimited supply, even for rare plant species; perfect homogeneity from batch to batch, with no influence of seasonality; strictly controlled production environment that guarantees the absence of contaminants, pesticides or fertilisers in the final product.

Three products are already available: Teupol, teupolioside from Ajuga reptans (modulator of 5-alpha reductase, for testosterone-related disorders); Echinan, echinacoside from Echinacea angustifolia (immune support); and Acteos, verbascoside from Lippia citriodora (metabolic syndrome, antioxidant effect).

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VF Bioscience
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VF Bioscience offers raw ingredients, but also finished products under its own brand or as private label service.
The properties of L. fermentum ME-3 have been demonstrated by multiple studies, including six human clinical trials.
AHCC®, a potent immuno-modulator from Shiitake mycelium.
ETAS, asparagus extract for stress control, cognitive support and sleep improvement.
ABR botanicals, high purity actives from cultured plant cells.
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