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Manufacturing its products to only the strictest Japanese care, purity and quality standards, Taiyo ensures its green tea dietary supplement extracts are free from any impurities, ensuring they offer only the wide-ranging health benefits and nothing else.

Green tea has been used for more than 5,000 years in Asia and, today, it and its extracts are becoming more popular as dietary supplements all over the world. Green tea contains unique natural components with remarkable benefits such as lots of different polyphenols, amino acids such as L-theanine, and natural stimulants such as catechines and caffeine.

Loaded with healthy nutrients
Green tea contains:

  • green tea polyphenols (stimulation)
  • caffeine (stimulation)
  • catechines (stimulation)
  • GABA (relaxation)
  • L-theanine (relaxation)
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • fluorine
  • saponines.

Intensive research on green tea extracts discovered and proved many health benefits, which explains why the consumption of green tea products is increasing worldwide. Many parts of the body and its functioning can benefit from increased green tea consumption or intake of extracts, including the heart, brain, skin, muscles, immune function and gut.

The increased demand for green tea leads to increased production, often with the focus on high volumes and low prices to meet the demands of the market. This can lead to production of green tea products with decreased quality and high amounts of impurities. Today, most of the green tea that is exported comes from China, and it can be incredibly difficult to track the tea back to the producer and the region.

Many things can go wrong during the production of green tea that can lead to low quality and high amounts of impurities. The German consumer care organisation Öko-Test analysed green teas from China and found residues of up to 14 different pesticides in one green tea. As well as the pesticides, amounts of heavy metals can increase and, during the drying process, carcinogenic components such as BAP (PAH) and PACKs can formed. The Netherlands has the strictest regulation, with fixed maximum values for BAP at ten parts per billion per kilogram. This why the sale of many green tea products is restricted in the Netherlands.

The compounds and impurities that can turn up during the growing and extraction process include:

  • heavy metals from the air, ground, water and industrial environment
  • pesticides from industrial farming
  • BAP from overheating during the drying process
  • aflatoxines from storing the green tea in moist conditions
  • radiation for preserving the tea products
  • chemical solvents from the extraction process.

High levels of these impurities and pollutants can turn the healthy green tea products into a potentially dangerous product from the human health standpoint. Therefore, in this case, the cheapest product often might not always be the best product and may sometimes even be dangerous.

Due to these quality risks, the company Taiyo focuses only on the production of high-quality and strictly controlled green tea. As a Japanese company, Taiyo, which was founded in 1946, follows the very strict Japanese rules for the production of green tea, ensuring its products meet only the highest quality standards, and are continuously controlled and guaranteed.

To target specific health aspects and applications Taiyo has developed a broad range of exclusive green tea extracts.

Taiyo produces a great variety of pure and organic green tea products including 15 different green tea extracts (Sunphenon), organic matcha tea (SunMatcha) and the tea amino acid L-theanine (Sunthenanine). All of the products in the Sunphenon range are standardised green tea extracts that fulfil the highest quality standards.

The green tea products from Taiyo can be used in food, beverages, dietary supplements, dietetic foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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In creating different its different green tea extracts, Taiyo has targeted a variety of different health aspects and created a range of products with a host of unique characteristics and applications.
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