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SternMaid GmbH & Co. KG with its registered office in Wittenburg (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania), 75km east of Hamburg, is a member of the owner-managed Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. For over 35 years, this group consisting of 11 specialist companies in Germany, serving specific industries, and 16 affiliates abroad has been among the successful enterprises operating internationally in the world of food and feed ingredients.

Established in 1996, SternMaid has since become one of Europe's leading contract manufacturers. In buildings covering an area of 20,000m2 it produces some 40,000t of raw materials in powder or liquid form annually. With over 200 employees, SternMaid offers a wide range of services. Besides manufacturing powdered food ingredients, food supplements, and active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients on a contract basis, SternMaid blends and processes special ingredients for baby food, vitamin mixtures and OTC products. In all, eight different blending lines are available to meet all manner of different requirements. This range of equipment is complemented by a modern fluid bed processor for gentle drying, agglomeration, coating, instantization and granulation. With warehousing, co-packing, logistics and purchasing, the contract manufacturer offers a full range of services all from one source.

Fluid bed technology

Our multifunctional fluid bed processor offers a large number of technical options and was designed especially for the wide range of applications in contract manufacturing. The processor permits both batch and continuous operation. In the continuous process, components in powder and liquid form are added continually. The resulting product is run through a screen tower; the undersized material and the oversized particles ground down in-line are returned to the fluid bed process. After metal detection, the fraction with the desired particle size is packaged. Comprehensive equipment is also available for the liquid phase; it includes cooling and heating chambers, melting grids, heated vessels with anchor mixers, jet mixers and a high-pressure homogenizer. Our process engineers and our equipment fulfill all the requirements for realizing your products with value-added.

Blending of powder

Over the years, SternMaid has acquired an excellent name for itself in compounding substances in powder form. With passion, skill and state-of-the-art technology we meet even the most demanding challenges.

Facts about powder blending technology

  • batch-by-batch documentation of setpoint/actual values in weighing
  • computer-aided, operator-controlled hand weighing system for micro-ingredients and raw materials not capable of automatic conveyance
  • all blending units with cutter heads
  • extremely fine, homogeneous distribution of ingredients under gentle production conditions. Blending accuracy as high as 1:100,000
  • possibility of working in liquid substances through special nozzles as 0.01 to 60% of the formulation
  • four blending lines for quantities from 25 to 10,000kg
  • three fully automated blending lines for orders larger than 10,000kg
  • feeding and processing technology with the latest process control and visual display systems
  • fully automatic feeding of the blenders within extremely narrow tolerances; even dosing accurate to the gram
  • 1 GMP-certified counter-current container blending line for extremely sensitive applications.

Blending of liquids

For solutions, emulsions, suspensions or pastes: make use of our special plant for liquids.

Blending plant for oily or aqueous solutions: A unit with a batch size of 800L is available for oily or aqueous solutions. A propeller or cup mixer is used.

Blending plant for stable viscous solutions: This plant has a heated outside tank with a mixer which can be filled from a road tanker. Powdered raw materials can be worked in homogeneously with an Ytron system. Suspensions are made up efficiently without the inclusion of air. Heated processing and filling containers are fitted with mixers to permit the addition of further liquid components.

Qualified blending plant for sophisticated products: This area is qualified in accordance with Part II of the EU GMP Guide/ICH Q7. The 1,500L mixing vessel can be heated to a temperature of 90°C. For special blending applications a jet mixer is used. Solids are worked in gently by means of an anchor agitator.

High-pressure homogenizer for stable emulsions: This plant is used for processing oils and also high-melting fats. With the two-stage homogenizer, O/W and W/O emulsions can be produced at up to 350 bar pressure.

Filling and refilling

SternMaid can carry out different orders for filling or refilling quickly and simply. We fill products into large containers exactly according to your specifications.

Sacks, fibreboard boxes, drums, FIBCs or a silo: we can transfer products from any initial container into any other, just as you wish. And naturally we will meet your deadline as well as adhering to quality and safety criteria such as sifting and metal detection.

Our small-pack lines fill cans, tubular bags, block-bottom bags and folding boxes in sizes from 100g to 5,000g.

An attractive pack is an important criterion for the success of any product. The pack must be eye-catching and assert itself against similar products in the trade. But it is just as important for the packaging process to be cost-effective. If you don't find the type and size of pack you are looking for on these pages, just let us know. We are constantly adding new types of packaging to our range.

Warehousing and logistics

Potential savings in costs and CO2: Whatever we process for you can also be stored with us. In times of cost pressure and the need to reduce CO2 emissions, thought should be given to every consignment of goods. That is why we have enlarged our warehouse capacity to accommodate 20,000 pallets. Many of our customers supply their own customers directly from our warehouse.

Level of quality and service: All goods are stored in pallet racks without direct contact with the floor. Besides the usual separation of packaging materials, raw materials and finished products we have further zoning systems that take allergens, temperature specifications etc. into account. Of course our monitoring system for pests includes the warehouse too, with non-toxic mouse boxes, pheromone traps and UV light traps. By means of pallet barcodes and WLAN scanning of all pallet movements we can tell at any time where each individual pallet is. The final scan takes place on the outgoing goods ramp when the products enter the HGV. The delivery note can only be printed out if all the pallets making up the consignment have been recorded; that excludes any risk of incorrect loading.

Temperature zones: Well insulated halls ensure narrow temperature ranges which are recorded with data loggers. The 25°C mark is never exceeded, even in long periods of summer heat. For extremely sensitive goods there is a separate storage area with a temperature of 8°C and another area regulated to 18°C.

Logistics and customs clearance: Of course we can also take on the whole logistics chain to meet your requirements - from choice of a forwarder through customs clearance to just-in-time delivery to your customers. Whether the goods are to be shipped within Germany or worldwide: our international experience enables us to offer almost any form of transportation and see to the relevant formalities. We have an open customs warehouse and take part in active processing.

Optional minimum stock administration: We offer our customers a minimum stock administration service at the warehouse. In this way we ensure that goods are re-ordered automatically if the quantity in stock falls below a certain level.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Drying, granulation, coating, agglomeration, instantisation: with our fluid bed processors we make up individual products as powders or granulates – from very small trial amounts to large batches.
SternMaid sets standards in blending. Consistent quality – from 25 kg to 500t.
Different types of plant are available, depending on the task in hand. We can fill quantities ranging from 100 to 1,000L into bottles, cans or IBCs.
Filling of large containers.
The production facility of SternMaid in Wittenburg, Germany.
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