Olympic Seafood AS focuses exclusively on Antarctic krill ingredients for consumer applications. The flagship brand, the RIMFROST KRILL COLLECTION is comprised of krill meal, krill powder and krill oil.

Olympic Seafood is located on the Western Coast of Norway, in Fosnavåg, a place known for its fishermen and maritime traditions. True to its roots, Olympic Seafood takes great pride in its specialized krill-collecting vessel, 'Juvel', which operates on the Antarctic Ocean. The proprietary technology on-board allows minimal and rapid processing to safeguard the intrinsic goodness of krill. 'Juvel' is certified by Friend of the Sea and can guarantee 100% traceability.

Strength and wellness directly from the icy Antarctic waters

Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) is an amazing tiny shrimp-like creature: pure and strong. It lives in the pristine Antarctic waters, far away from man-made pollutants, in extreme and icy conditions - and it thrives!

Krill's incredible strength comes especially from its naturally high concentration of marine omega-3 phospholipids, which is the most efficient type in our bodies as well. Furthermore, krill is a naturally rich source of other nourishing marine nutrients such as peptides and antioxidants.

Three product formats

The RIMFROST KRILL COLLECTION gently captures the intrinsic goodness of krill, showing respect for the krill and its environment with three different product forms:

  • Unadulterated RIMFROST GENUINE, Antarctic krill meal
  • Versatile RIMFROST PRISTINE, Antarctic krill powder
  • Efficient RIMFROST SUBLIME, Antarctic krill oil

RIMFROST SUBLIME, the krill oil, is the main commercial product of Olympic Seafood currently, sold globally and distributed by Bioriginal in Europe, North America and Canada, and Olympic Biotec in Asia-Pacific regions.

Phospolipid benefit of krill oil

RIMFROST SUBLIME Antarctic krill oil provides krill's omega-3 phospholipids and antioxidant astaxanthin in an efficient and concentrated form.

Omega-3s are required in every cell of the body and they play an important role in brain development and function as well as supporting a healthy heart and maintaining healthy joints. In the human body, phospholipid bound omega-3s offer greater bio-efficacy and better utilization than other sources of marine omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, smaller daily doses are needed. Phospholipid bound omega-3s are rapidly processed in our stomach, and therefore give no unpleasant fishy burps.

Immediate and gentle processing

RIMFROST SUBLIME is gently processed with short two-step processing from krill immediately after catch. Due to the use of fresh raw material that is immediately processed on-board the specialised krill-collecting vessel 'Juvel', all compounds in the oil are preserved in their natural biological form - as they exist in krill. Due to the minimal processing, exceptionally high levels of the most abundant phospholipid in krill - namely phosphatidylcholine - as well as the naturally occurring powerful red antioxidant astaxanthin.

RIMFROST SUBLIME krill oil gains its distinct clear red colour from the short and gentle two-step process with immediate processing on-board and extraction of oil. This minimal processing in low temperatures decreases the risk of oxidation, which could be seen as a brownish hue in krill oil.

Ecological stewardship through the ECO-COLLECTING approach

Through our ECO-COLLECTING approach, we combine commerce, technology and ecology. We want to make sure catching krill does not affect the ecosystem negatively and that the industry as a whole operates responsibly.

The basis for our ECO-COLLECTING approach comes from the strict regulations and monitoring our operations follow as set out by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). Established in 1982 by international convention, CCAMLR has the objective of conserving Antarctic marine life and is responsible for regulating the krill fishery. As part of our cooperation with CCAMLR and Norwegian authorities, we have an independent observer on-board at all times, in addition to the daily electronic transmission of catch data and our movements and whereabouts. In this way CCAMLR and our national authorities know exactly how much krill we collect, when and where.

We have also chosen to collaborate with Friend of the Sea, a well-known non-governmental organization with the purpose of conserving the marine habitat and its resources. Friend of the Sea is a trustworthy label, easily recognizable in consumer products.

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Olympic Seafood comes from Fosnavåg, a place known for its fishermen and maritime traditions.
Antarctic krill are small crustaceans that live in extreme and icy conditions.
SUBLIME provides phospholipid bound omega-3 in efficient format.
The specialized krill-collecting vessel, ‘Juvel’ operates on the Antarctic Ocean.
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