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Morinaga Milk has been conducting research on Bifidobacteria for many years; its studies show that Bifidobacteria naturally reside in the human intestine, especially in infants. Such bacteria are called human-residential Bifidobacteria (HRB). The research also discovers that HRB are the only species capable of certain functions. Unlike non-HRB species, HRB are particularly effective at using human-milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in breast milk; the species can also tolerate lysozyme, a 'natural antibacterial factor'. These characteristics allow HRB species to colonise an infant's gut, contributing to the development and maturation of a healthy microbiome. These findings show that HRB are natural, and suitable for consumption by adults and infants, and this concept of 'HRB is suitable for human consumption' is Morinaga Milk's philosophy. The company presents some important information about its HRB strains.

Flagship probiotics originated from healthy infants

Bifidobacterium longum BB536 - which is used in Morinaga Milk's flagship probiotics - is a strain of Bifidobacteria that lives naturally in human intestines. BB536 is well known for its stability, quality and wideranging effects, as shown by 160 scientific reports, including numerous clinical studies. In 2007, BB536 attained generally recognised as safe (GRAS) status (GRN 000268) from FDA, and has been used in more than 30 countries throughout the world for more than 40 years.

One of the main effects shown by multiple clinical studies is the maintenance of intestinal health. In one clinical study, 39 women who were prone to constipation consumed 100g of yogurt with BB536 for two weeks. Compared with general yogurt products that only contain lactic acid bacteria, the intake of yogurt with BB536 improved stool frequency and reduced the level of ammonia in faeces. Additional effects, including the prevention of infection, anti-allergy benefits and other advantages, have been outlined in clinical studies. Morinaga Milk not only provides BB536 for dietary supplements and infant formulas, but also for cultures used in yogurt and yogurt drinks.

Approved by neonatal intensive-care units (NICUs)

Bifidobacterium breve M-16V is well known for its strong safety profile and its efficacy in infants. M-16V's safety and its ability to promote healthy growth in premature infants are highly evaluated by medical professionals. M-16V has been used in more than 100 NICUs in hospitals throughout Japan. In 2013, M-16V attained GRAS status for adults and infants (GRN 000453 and GRN 000454).

A unique probiotic that reduces body fat

The use of Bifidobacterium breve B-3, a special Bifidobacterium, is driven by the relationship between gut microbiota and obesity. B-3 has a unique function that restores the intestinal barrier and inhibits chronic inflammation inside body, which causes obesity. According to a dibromochloropropane (DBPC) study by Morinaga Milk, 52 men and women with high body mass indexes (BMIs) who consumed B-3 capsules for 12 weeks saw their body fat significantly decrease compared with the placebo group.

These characteristics allow HRB species to colonise an infant's gut, contributing to the development and maturation of a healthy microbiome.

Use in HMOs

Bifidobacterium infantis M-63 is capable of using HMOs in breast milk. M-63 adapts to the intestinal environment of humans, especially infants. An in-vitro study found that M-63 can prevent the growth of rotavirus. A clinical study also found evidence that M-63 improves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Safety and quality

Safety and quality are the biggest concern for consumers. Morinaga Milk's highly safe Bifidobacteria are manufactured at a facility that is Food Safety System Certification and halal-certified. The bacteria are free of dairy compounds, gluten, allergens and genetically modified organisms, and are available in capsules, sachets, tablets and powder form for application in powdered drinks, cereals, chocolates, protein powder and more.

Morinaga Milk will continue to research Bifidobacteria, providing evidence-based products for making human life healthier.

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