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IgY Nutrition is the foremost authority on the development and production of hyperimmune egg. Our patented processes capture the immune capabilities of IgY immunoglobulins, delivering targeted support to the human immune system. We are dedicated to providing you an all-natural, highly bioavailable product with therapeutic applications for health and wellness, as well as athletic training. Our hyperimmune egg, HIE PL-100, functional food is available as a stand-alone nutritional supplement or as an additive to existing formulas. HIE PL-100 may be purchased in bulk as a powdered ingredient or a private-label product.

Promoting a healthy immune system

We produce HIE PL-100 by inoculating hens for 26 common human pathogens. The chickens generate immune factors that are passed on to egg. HIE PL-100 contains these avian immunoglobulins (IgY) that target specific human pathogens. HIE PL-100 immune factors enhance immune function to support a healthy and balanced immune system and to combat a host of conditions.

HIE PL-100 also contains heightened levels of 'cytokine inhibitory factor' (CIF). CIFs help to reduce unhealthy inflammation.

Promoting gastrointestinal health

HIE PL-100 helps cultivate a healthy intestinal microbiome by eliminating harmful pathogens. Anyone suffering from a GI infection with a suspected bacterial pathogen is likely to benefit from HIE PL-100. Emerging evidence suggests that people with irritable bowel syndrome, who are known to have disordered intestinal flora, may experience improvement as well.

To restore balance to the intestinal microbiome, HIE PL-100 targets harmful bacteria while leaving healthy bacteria populations intact. In addition to copious immunoglobulins, HIE PL-100 contains a number of immunoregulatory compounds, that control unhealthy inflammation.

Moderating subclinical inflammation for total body health

The gastrointestinal tract is now recognised to be involved in the modulation of the entire body's immune system. The concentrated immunoregulatory molecules and targeted immunoglobulins contained in HIE PL-100 have been shown to mitigate a vast array of chronic and acute illnesses. The interactions between healthy gut bacteria and immune function are on the cutting edge of medicine's understanding of diseases impeding healthy living.

Studies performed using HIE PL-100 point to an exciting new way to promote total body health. HIE PL-100 targets harmful pathogens while preserving healthy gut bacteria. By promoting intestinal homeostasis, HIE PL-100 reduces subclinical inflammation incited by unchecked gut bacteria. Subclinical inflammation is increasingly linked to heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Patients with joint disease, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis have experienced relief from symptoms when consuming HIE PL-100.

Supplementation of HIE PL-100 is a sensible approach to the many modern conditions associated with chronic, subclinical inflammation.

Improving athletic performance

HIE PL-100 enhances athletic performance by reducing muscle inflammation caused by long workouts or intense training. By reducing delayed onset muscle soreness, HIE PL-100 allows athletes to train harder and smarter.

Long or intense workouts can cause muscle damage that triggers an inflammatory response, increasing short-term muscle damage. HIE PL-100 reduces post-workout inflammation, mitigating delayed onset muscle soreness. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories are such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are mostly ineffective for treating workout-induced muscle soreness. There is considerable evidence that NSAIDS may hinder normal muscle recovery. CIFs found in HIE PL-100 inhibit the damaging cytokine production resulting in reduced muscle soreness and better athletic performance. Athletic studies have shown increased endurance, anaerobic power, muscle strength and decreased soreness in athletes consuming HIE PL-100. Importantly, HIE PL-100 is all natural, so athletes can have complete confidence that it does not contain any banned substance.

Improve cardiovascular health

Coronary heart disease is a leading cause of death. A study conducted by the US Army showed the HIE PL-100 had a beneficial effect on soldiers with high cholesterol levels. The findings suggest that HIE PL-100 may beneficially modify the regulation of serum lipoprotein levels and thereby reduce the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

Advantages of HIE PL-100 over IGG immunoglobulins, probiotics and antibiotics

HIE PL-100 has distinct advantages over other immunoglobulin products already on the market. Similar products derived from cow milk deploy mammalian immunoglobulin (IGG), which differ structurally from avian IgY. Unlike IgY, mammalian immunoglobulins can bind to human Fc receptors and incite an immune reaction, potentially increasing harmful inflammation.

HIE PL-100 supports the immune system more effectively than either probiotics or antibiotics. Where probiotics are ineffective against harmful bacteria, antibiotics may damage beneficial bacterial populations as an unintended consequence of eliminating pathogens. HIE PL-100 supports the immune system by helping to balance intestinal flora and return the immune system to homeostasis.

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HIE PL-100 may be purchased in bulk as a powdered ingredient or a private-label product. For more information about HIE PL-100, please contact [email protected]

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