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Capsulæ is a private R&D organization that designs and develops for its clients throughout the industrial world (food and nutrition, feed and animal health care, agriculture and environment, home and personal care, fine and speciality chemicals) customised solutions that facilitate the use and optimise the performance of ingredients and active compounds, via microencapsulation.

A major player at an international level, Capsulæ enables its industrial partners to benefit from its unique expertise and global vision on the encapsulation market. At Capsulæ, all our services are based on high-standard scientific and technical skills, and a renowned know-how that enables us to meet your demands and the various industrial requirements (both technical and economic) related to microencapsulation.

A powerful solution to a multitude of technological problems

Microencapsulation includes all the technologies that allow the coating or entrapment of active ingredients inside individual particles whose size varies from several microns to several millimetres. It is used as a potential solution to solve specific technological problems, leading in most cases to the development of new products or innovative processes.

Encapsulating an active principle meets four main objectives that can be combined:

  1. Immobilisation (e.g. enzymes used during continuous bioconversion processes, volatile aromatic compounds)
  2. Protection or stabilization against adverse environmental factors (e.g. fish oil in infant milk formula, vitamins during food processing and storage)
  3. Controlled or delayed release on the action site (e.g. probiotic bacteria during intestinal transit)
  4. Functionalisation or structuration (e.g. converting oil into powder form, taste and odour masking, improving the flow properties of a powder, visual aspect and marketing).

Microencapsulation is present in all areas of the industrial sector and the number of applications continues to grow. However, the existence of a large number of techniques as well as the multitude of parameters at stake (formulation in agreement with project specifications, respect of regulatory constraints, process adaptable to industrial scale with an acceptable manufacturing cost...), makes the choices in this field of expertise difficult for a novice.

Based on a unique experience acquired over more than 20 years through multiple industrial collaborations and an active role played in international networks, Capsulæ offers a thorough and customised accompaniment during the development of microencapsulated products, from the design to the industrialisation stage.

The assurance to get a full service, from your idea to your product

Capsulæ offers a full range of services for developing products and processes based on microencapsulation, including the following:

  • design of innovative solutions and feasibility studies
  • encapsulation problem solving
  • scaling-up studies and pilot-scale evaluation
  • small pilot-scale production
  • know-how licensing and technology transfer
  • support at the industrialisation stage.

To perform these services, Capsulæ boasts a wide range of laboratory and pilot equipment that is specifically dedicated to microencapsulation (production of batches from few 10's of grams to few 10's of kilos), as well as a set of high-performance tools for analysis and characterization (microbiological and physico-chemical analyses laboratories).

A unique pluri-technological expertise

Created in 2006, Capsulæ is led by experts with over 60 years' experience in the field of encapsulation of active principles for a large number of applications. The wide range of microencapsulation technologies mastered by the Capsulæ team allows a great flexibility regarding the solution proposed to our clients, from both a technical and economic point of view. This pluri-technological expertise allows the development of a custom-designed process which takes into account the initial characteristics of the active principle to be encapsulated, the specifications of the desired product, the final application as well as the targeted market.

More specifically, our know-how and skills cover the following technologies:

  • dripping technologies, allowing the production of "monodispersed" microcapsules with different final structures (matrix systems vs reservoir or "core-shell" systems)
  • emulsion-based technologies, leading to the formation of microcapsules by coacervation, cross-linking, polymerisation, gelation, solidification, or solvent evaporation;
  • coating technologies, in fluidised bed essentially, using aqueous polymer solutions (spray-coating) or hot-melt materials (hot-melt coating).

On each one of these technologies, all applicable at an industrial scale, Capsulæ innovates, whether it is from the point of view of the formulation, the equipment design, or the process control.

Microencapsulation for human nutrition

Microencapsulation of ingredients for food applications is useful in meeting a number of key objectives, including protection during the food incorporation process and subsequent storage, taste and odour masking and controlled/prolonged release.

These advantages are both essential and decisive when developing products to be used in the functional food and nutraceutical market, where maintaining bioavailability and the functionality of the active principles are of the utmost importance.

A wide range of functional, lipophilic and hydrophilic ingredients in powder or liquid form can be encapsulated, including:

  • plant extracts
  • aromas, fragrances
  • minerals, vitamins, amino acids
  • vegetable oils, marine oils
  • probiotic micro-organisms
  • enzymes.

Let's innovate together!

Our innovative approaches have already proved their effectiveness to address the issues of the food industry; they will surely meet all of your requirements too. Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion!

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Capsulæ is an encapsulation technology company offering contract R&D, licensing and small batch production services.
Particles produced using dripping technologies.
Microcapsules produced using emulsion-based technologies.
Coated freeze-dried probiotic bacteria.
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