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Brudy Technology is a specialist in medical nutrition based on the human health benefits offered by the docosahexaenoid acid (DHA). Brudy decided to learn from observing DHA in human physiology, with the intention of imitating it; from this, it has discovered the best way to offer DHA to humans for optimal absorption, among other findings.

Algatrium is a patented DHA triglyceride (Tridocosahexaenoin-AOX) that is synthetised by enzymatic re-esterification. Research in human cell cultures and clinical trials has shown that it offers intense protection against oxidation. Presence of DHA in the cell membrane up-regulates glutathione synthesis, the main antioxidant produced in the mammal cell's cytoplasm to eliminate free radicals. Oxidative stress causes a direct cell lesion, also activating the nuclear factor (NF-kß). DHA induces intense oxidative protection and inhibits the NF-kß activation; both mechanisms reduce the inflammatory cascade.

To evaluate digestive absorption, an oral dose-response trial was performed in five groups of healthy volunteers, in Carlos Contreras' 2014 thesis, 'Modification of oxidative damage in a cyclist group after consuming docosahexaenoic acid at different doses'. All actively supplemented groups reached PUFA red blood cell membrane concentrations significantly higher than the placebo group, with a dose-dependent response. A significant reduction in the omega-6/omega-3 index was also detected in the actively supplemented groups.

Oxidative protection against placebo

Carlos Contreras' study demonstrated that after an intense effort-load in sportsmen, significantly lower levels of oxidised DNA metabolites were recovered from the urine. In addition, significantly lower serum levels of lipid peroxidation could be detected after two weeks, and after three months of active supplementation, compared with placebo.

Males with abnormal levels of oxidative DNA sperm fragmentation also show significant differences after ten weeks, in the sperm's improvement of DNA integrity and in seminal antioxidant capacity, compared with controls.

Clinical trials show antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity

In clinical studies of patients suffering dry eye syndrome, three months of DHA supplementation was associated with a significant reduction in the tear cytokine levels and the improvement of symptoms compared with non-supplemented subjects.

A 2013 study by Andrea Oleñik also showed that clinical symptoms, signs, and quality of life improve significantly in patients with Meibomian gland dysfunction.

Significant anti-inflammatory effects at the macula level (in reduction of thickness and improvement of visual acuity) have also been proven in a new clinical trial, awaiting publication, of type 2 diabetic patients suffering diabetic macular edema, treated with anti-VEGF medication and supplemented with DHA for 24 months.

Oxidative prevention technology

The molecular process for oxidative prevention (MPOP) permits keeping DHA molecules stable in water emulsions for years, protected from oxidation with no addition of antioxidants. For the first time, drinks including omega-3 PUFA can be produced with no fishy odour or taste.

The MPOP technology enables the production of gels and cosmetics, eye drops, and any kind of drink or drinkable food for children.

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A 50% reduction in fluorescent free-radicals production is seen when human cells are previously incubated in Brudy’s DHA-TG before the induction of oxidative stress.
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