Bioenergy Life Science - Bioenergy Ribose®, the only patented and clinically-proven D-Ribose

Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. is the maker of the only patented and clinically-proven form of ribose on the market: Bioenergy Ribose®. D-Ribose, a five-carbon carbohydrate, is vital for the cellular synthesis of ATP - the source of all cellular energy. Bioenergy Ribose, a functional ingredient already popular in an array of beverages and supplements, is gaining attention of food manufacturers for its energy enhancement benefits. It helps accelerate energy recovery and improves endurance in muscles where energy stores have been depleted, reduces fatigue and alleviates muscle stiffness.

Used by Olympians for increased, sustainable energy and faster recovery

For serious athletes, recovery time is paramount. High-intensity exercise drains muscle energy pools, contributing to delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), exertional fatigue, loss of peak performance and tissue damage. Clinically proven Bioenergy Ribose shortens recovery time, enhances endurance, reduces muscle soreness and limits the onset or severity of fatigue. Olympic athletes including rower Susan Francia, Nordic combined skier Billy Demong, and triathletes Greg & Laura Bennett all use Bioenergy Ribose to help them keep moving, train harder and stay in the game.

Recent studies say Bioenergy Ribose® helps non-athletes adapt to exercise

Bioenergy Ribose isn't just for the elite athlete. A recent study suggests that Bioenergy Ribose ingestion led to greater performance than the controller (Dextrose) over three days of high-intensity exercise. More importantly, Bioenergy Ribose helps previously untrained individuals or individuals who do not exercise regularly to adapt to physical stress by reducing muscle strain and cellular damage associated with strenuous exercise. Bioenergy Ribose also significantly lowers the perceived exertion of untrained individuals, leading to better workouts and more performance gains in the study.

Everyday, sustainable energy everyone needs

A randomised, placebo-controlled trial of Baby Boomers complaining of persistent fatigue showed that Bioenergy Ribose reinvigorated subjects, providing them with new energy and greater exercise tolerance. In the two-week study, subjects were given 3g doses twice a day of either Bioenergy Ribose or dextrose. Results were evaluated using submaximal cardiopulmonary exercise tests given at baseline, one week, and two weeks. The results were overwhelming: the Bioenergy Ribose-supplemented group improved in three major measures of fitness and exercise tolerance key to overcoming fatigue. So Bioenergy Ribose provides the everyday, sustainable energy everyone needs to get through their busy week.

Product development support

Bioenergy Ribose can be formulated in a variety of functional foods, beverages, sports nutrition, dietary supplements and other nutritional product applications. The Ribose Formulation Center works to confidentially help clients identify new opportunities to use and contain ribose, as well as with product development, claims and technical support.

Bioenergy Ribose ingredient attributes and certifications

  • Certification from British Retail Consortium (BRC).
  • Bioenergy Ribose is white to slightly yellow in appearance, imparts a mildly sweet flavour, and is highly soluble in hot and cold liquids.
  • Bioenergy Ribose is the only ribose solution to receive a GRAS (generally regarded as safe) affirmation, no questions letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Bioenergy Ribose is non-GMO, kosher, halal and has a natural certification.
  • Novel Foods is forthcoming.
  • Bioenergy Life Science has an extensive patent portfolio covering broad applications for D-Ribose in nutrition and other areas.
  • Food application studies are available upon request.

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Susan Francia, two-time Olympic gold medalist, uses Bioenergy Ribose because it helps with endurance and muscle recovery. It helps her consistently perform at her best with the world’s fastest rowers.
Energise your food innovations with Bioenergy Ribose. It is easy to incorporate in existing or new formulations and improves the nutritional profile.
Adding Bioenergy Ribose to your beverage formulation gives it the added claims for energy enhancement. It is pure, all-natural, non-GMO, GRAS, certified kosher and halal. It is on major beverage companies’ “approved supplier list.”
Bioenergy Ribose helps athletes at all levels perform better, work harder and recover faster. It improves endurance, reduces fatigue and alleviates muscle stiffness.
Bioenergy Ribose has been clinically proven to reinvigorate Baby Boomers, providing them with new energy and greater exercise tolerance. It provides an everyday, sustainable energy everyone needs.
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