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As one of the major actors for yeast-derived products, Bio Springer produces yeast extracts for taste construction in processed foods. Taste-building is the main driver for product development. However, the company is also following key food trends such as health concern and the growing desire for organic food.

Offering a wide range of specialised ingredients, and supported by a large R&D department with in-house technical staff, Bio Springer is able to solve the toughest flavouring problems and develop custom solutions to meet food producers' specific needs. The company benefits from the expertise of its parent company Lesaffre, which not only has an enviable bank of yeast strains it has developed over the past 160 years, but also unparalleled expertise in the extraction, flavouring and functionality of yeast extracts.

Salt-reduction functionality
Yeast extract is a natural ingredient made from yeast - the same yeasts that are used to make bread rise and beer ferment. Yeast extracts play a role of natural flavour-building blocks with different notes - meaty, poultry, buttery, bouillon, mushroomy or umami. These yeast products have multiple fields of applications in the food industry including soups, sauces, broths and gravies, and snack seasonings, which are among food groups with the highest content of sodium and, accordingly, are most concerned with salt-reduction possibilities.

Yeast extracts present interesting properties to reduce sodium in such food products. In particular, they are able to substitute salt concerning salty perception; bring out and modify flavours; mask bitterness; and add texture properties. Depending on the initial salt content and type of products, a 25-40% salt reduction can be achieved with yeast extracts products.

The right notes
The identification of the solution depends on the aromatic note desired, the expected umami level and eventual functional properties.

Springer® 2000 yeast extracts are ideal for salt reduction. These yeast extracts provide a umami (savoury) taste, thanks to the naturally occurring nucleotides they contain. But yeast extracts also bring mouth feel and lingering effects, improving the overall taste of a product. Accordingly, it is a key tool for salt reduction.

Secret ingredients
Springer 2000 can be used in combination with process flavours from yeast extracts - Springarom® - that play a role of flavour building blocks with various specific aromatic profiles. These specific flavours are used to bring back typical flavour notes to the products in salt-reduction situations.

In certain applications, they can also be used in combination with Springaline® Inactive dried yeast products. In this case, dried yeasts play a role of flavour base notes and brings some functional properties to the products, such as water or oil-binding properties.

The challenge here is to develop salt-reduction solutions that allow a subtle taste construction so that products continue to be palatable to the consumer. With this goal, Bio Springer developed solutions that drive customer preference - a key success factor in food manufacturing.

An organic range of yeast extracts
Bio Springer strives to continuously improve its range of products and answer to food industry needs. In order to reply to the demand for such ingredients, Bio Springer developed a range of organic products to be used in organic processed foods.
Springer Organic is a line of organic yeast extracts used as base notes. They are perfect for providing bouillon and meaty notes to flavour bases. With a savoury profile, they develop a typical flavour that improves body and mouthfeel in a wide variety of food applications.

Springaline Organic is a line of inactive dried yeast. It is a perfect carrier for seasonings. With water or oil-binding properties, it is ideal in vegetal paté or meat applications, and available in powder or flakes.
They are produced in France and have a European Organic Certification by Ecocert.

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