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ConCordix® is a patented technology of Vitux AS from the experts of Arctic Norway. Vitux is a contract development manufacturer providing private label products for the dietary supplement industry. As an innovative manufacturer we aim to have removed the barriers of supplementation by mirroring the way we naturally deliver nutrients. ConCordix Smart Chews®, supplementation the way mother nature intended.

It seems only fitting that Norway, the land that brought cod liver oil to the world, would develop the preeminent delivery system for Omegas.

Nutrient Absorption

The human body is remarkably efficient. Our gastrointestinal (GI) tract is the largest organ in our body. Our GI tract has multiple folds that contain pits which hold finger like projections called villi. These pits, folds and villi increase the gut’s surface area so efficiently that our gut has a surface area equivalent to a small studio apartment. The large surface area in our gut is what allows for optimal nutrient absorption

We took a cue from nature and created a patented technology which packages lipid nutrients in billions of microscopic oil droplets that are stabilized in an emulsion. This unique design is specific to our Smart Chews. You won’t find our patented emulsification system in any other delivery system in the market today.

Enhanced Absorption

Our patented dosage system increases lipid nutrient absorption by 44%. Efficacy is achieved at a lower dose. Healthy students received fish oil as either traditional soft gels, or as ConCordix® emulsion. The incremental area under the curve (AUC0–26h) of EPA and EPA+DHA in plasma increased by 44.9 and 43.3%, respectively, in the ConCordix Smart Chew compared to soft gel. The maximum incremental concentration of EPA and EPA+DHA increased by 100.4 and 105.6%, respectively, in the ConCordix Smart Chew compared to soft gel.

Mechanical Chewing

ConCordix Smart Chews engage chewing which is a key factor in absorbing nutrients. The act of chewing stimulates production of digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes breakdown nutrients into smaller units which supports gut absorption of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Best of Both Worlds

Because simplicity is our motto, we developed the ConCordix dosage system to combine the high payload of a soft gel with the delicious taste of a gummy. One ConCordix® Smart Chew can hold up to 750 mg of fish oil. An advantage of a high payload is that it allows a decrease in serving size by 50% or more. An example of serving size efficiency is displayed by an omega-3 children’s dose of 330 mg (250 mg DHA, 50 mg EPA) which requires only 1 ConCordix Smart Chew. If using a gummy format, this same dose would require up to 11 gummies. The ConCordix dosage system also provides the easy option of combining both lipid with water-soluble nutrients in one convenient dose.

Sugar-Free and Natural Flavors

We take pride in creating a tasty flavor system that incorporates only natural flavors and sweeteners. Because we are dedicated to health, no sugars are added. Instead, we use plant-based sweeteners which provide multiple health benefits Our sugar-free Smart Chews avoid health concerns such as dental and weight issues, and diabetes. Our flavor system is so effective that it can successfully masks ingredients with unpleasant taste characteristics. Due to our unique ConCordix emulsification technology, our fish oil products do not display a fishy taste or cause an unpleasant fish reflux.


A testament to the satisfying flavor and ease of use of a ConCordix Smart Chew is evidenced in a study that shows a high compliance rate of 99%3 . This same study found that 84% of parents chose the ConCordix Smart Chew as more desirable than a gummy for their children. The popularity of a chewable delivery system is growing in both adult and child populations3. Parents can rest assured that they are providing a healthier, sugar-free and tasty option for their children. Adults will feel satisfied in consistent, daily supplementation due to the ease of consuming ConCordix Smart Chews.

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is embedded in our corporate culture and is integral to Vitux. Our aim is to achieve profitable, global growth, conserving energy and protecting natural resources, while acting with integrity, as outlined in our ethical guidelines. Vitux is aware of its corporate social responsibility towards its employees, customers, stakeholders, society and the environment. Hence, we support the United Nations sustainable development goals. We focus on goals of ocean stewardship, gender equality, education, health and global peace.

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Great tasting ConCordix Smart Chews, and completely sugar free.
ConCordix Smart Chews come in delicious fruity flavours and are designed to mask strong tasting ingredient and reflux. Obviously, we do this the healthy way, so completely sugar free!
Easy chewable ConCordix Smart Chews, separately packed in a handy blister.
Why take two or more supplements per day, when one is enough?
One single ConCordix Smart Chews to deliver you all that you need.
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