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Can you tell us a little about Biosearch Life and what it brings to the probiotics market?

Mónica Olivares Martin: Biosearch Life is a leader in biotechnology. It brings innovation in healthy natural ingredients, integrating research, development, production and marketing capacities around three product platforms: omega-3 (Eupoly-3), probiotics (Hereditum) and botanical extracts (Exxentia).

The company is present in every major international market within the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional food sectors, providing a wide range of high-quality products and services, all of which revolve around the concept of a healthy life.

Biosearch Life's solid portfolio of more than 200 products is available in over 30 countries. Child nutrition, functional dairy and women's health are the segments in which it wants to set a benchmark.

The company's human breast milk probiotic products are unique in the market, and are targeted for very special applications such as healthy breastfeeding and infant nutrition. Their strength is not just in the unique origin; it is the solid scientific support behind each strain.

What Biosearch Life really wants to bring to the market are efficient solutions to the population's health problems. This is the case with strain L. fermentum LC40, which is intended to prevent and treat mastitis. It is something totally new in the market and has been welcomed by women suffering from lactation problems.

What are the applications for breast-milk-sourced probiotics in womens' and infant's health products?

After more than 15 years of research in this field, Biosearch Life has found that the bacteria present in breast milk have multiple benefits for the baby and the mother.

Its research has focused on preventing and treating mastitis, and preventing infections in infants. These were the first projects addressed, but the company has other projects under way with very new applications that are far from the classic use of probiotic bacteria.

What are the advantages for formulators?

Biosearch Life's probiotics in breast milk are clinically validated and have their own safety and efficacy studies. In addition, stability studies guarantee stability until the end of the shelf life in food and food supplements. Every strain is protected by a patent and has a quality certificate.

Have you encountered any misconceptions about probiotics sourced from breast milk?

Some scientists wondered about possible contamination from the mother's skin. However, subsequent studies have corroborated the existence of the active microbiota and the dogma of the sterility of breast milk has been forgotten.

What other potential applications does Hereditum have?

Currently, the Hereditum range of probiotics has strains for baby colic, adult immunity, digestive health and oral health. While probiotic research has developed, Biosearch Life has evolved as a probiotic specialist and continues to research strains from different origins for different applications.

What Biosearch Life really wants to bring to the market are efficient solutions to the population's health problems. This is the case with strain L. fermentum LC40, which is intended to prevent and treat mastitis. It is something totally new in the market.

How do probiotics support the immune system?

The immune system is prepared to recognise and attack harmful microorganisms. Probiotics are also recognised as microorganisms and they activate the immune system but, as friendly or commensal bacteria, they only prompt the immune system to stay alert and provide a more powerful response in case pathogenic bacteria are detected.

A new strain in Biosearch Life's Hereditum range, K8 Lactobacillus coryniformis CECT5711, functionally supports adult immune health and protects from future infection.

What plans do you have for the future?

Each day, more is learned about how bacteria influence new functions, body mass, glucose management, brain function and even the response to pharmacological treatments. There is a huge 'microbiome world' to discover and Biosearch Life wants to contribute to it.

The company has an interesting collection of bacteria from human milk and continues working to develop new products for new applications, always backed by solid scientific evidence to demonstrate their effectiveness.

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