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The development of new probiotic supplements grew by an average of 26.5% between 2012 and 2017. What factors are driving this?

Shai Karlinski: The past decade has seen a growing interest in probiotics. While, in the past, they were solely associated with gut health or post-antibiotic treatment, these days their broader health benefits are more widely known. For instance, it is now readily acknowledged that probiotics can aid heart health and weight loss, and immunity to sickness and viruses.

While cutting-edge research continues to investigate their potential, probiotics are increasingly prevalent in wider culture - on television, in magazines and online. Most high-ranking medical television shows discussed probiotics at least two to three times in the past year for various condition-specific applications.

We currently sell probiotics to more than 20 different countries in four different continents, so it is clear that there is a significant demand for these products.

"As live bacteria, probiotics need to be kept alive until they enter the digestive system to be effective. One of our missions was to create a platform that guards live bacteria, keeping it in an active state for 24 months."

What are the key challenges in making probiotics?

The main challenge is the handling issue. Probiotics are very sensitive and need special conditions to survive. As live bacteria, probiotics need to be kept alive until they enter the digestive system to be effective. One of our missions was to create a platform that guards live bacteria, keeping it in an active state for 24 months. As with all supplements, the products' taste, texture and odour also need careful consideration.

Anlit's ProBites Long-Life Probiotic (LLP) technology isolates factors that negatively impact the stability of live bacteria. How was this implemented?

When our research and development team approached this project, they first consulted with leading researchers in the worlds of microbiology and probiotics to explore the factors that influenced the stability of the bacteria.

A major factor that was isolated was the humidity issue. The solution for this was threefold, and involved devising a special production process, building a strict and monitored production environment and creating a multilayered package. Once applied, we could see the results on the stability data of the LLP technology.

Using our breakthrough model we created an edible product that is not only tasty but also gives a stabilising environment to live bacteria for 24 months in ambient conditions. The current solutions in the face of the stability issue are limited to high overages, refrigerated supply chains, microencapsulating the bacteria, or simply declaring the amount of bacteria on a given production date. Our LLP technology solves these issues, providing a turnkey solution that does not require a high-operational cost, and gives our customers a tasty product with a high standard of quality.

Which products is Anlit showcasing at the upcoming Vitafoods convention in May?

Anlit is a research and developmentoriented company, and we will continue to innovate in the sector. In the short term, we are leveraging our LLP technology to present a line of condition-specific products based on live bacteria activity. At the next Vitafoods convention, we will officially present our new line of feminine probiotics. Feminine probiotics contain a powerful blend of beneficial live probiotic bacteria and cranberry extract working in synergy to support genitourinary tract health. The supplement contains a blend of six different strains of live bacteria.

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