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Once widely banned, hemp is now undergoing a renaissance - and is taking the health and lifestyle industry by storm. More people are turning to industrial hemp products to provide their bodies with nourishment from high-quality protein, calcium, iron, omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, as welll as vitamins and key minerals.

The Austrian company Deep Nature Project was born out of the desire to develop natural products that do people good, and assist with embracing active and healthy lives. The company's team is almost 40 strong, and is led by its founders and managing directors, Andrea Bamacher and Elke Moritz. Together, they work to make the wonderful properties of hemp - known for millennia - available again to humans and animals. The proven quality of Medihemp is available for animals, and the brand's dedicated offering for pets large and small, Vetrihemp, was developed in close cooperation with veterinary experts and comprises organic cannabidiol (CBD) oils.

In close collaboration with organic farmers in the region around Lake Neusiedl, bordering Austria and Hungary, the company cultivates around 200ha of land, with expertise, care and passion - and zero compromises. It only plants and processes EU-certified organic industrial hemp varieties that have been specifically bred to almost entirely eliminate the psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Ground samples, multiple in-house analyses of the plant material, and strict external audits by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES), and the Austrian certification and inspection body for organic produce, Austria Bio Garantie, safeguard a fully organic product of the highest calibre.

Bamacher talks about Deep Nature Project and the advantages of hemp, as well as how it can help to meet health and eco-friendly goals.

What was the founding philosophy behind Deep Nature Project?

Andrea Bamacher: Deep Nature Project grew out of the idea of developing products in harmony with nature that not only do people good, but also help them remain active and healthy - the best way to prevent disease. We are convinced that humanity can find more health, awareness and inner strength in harmony with nature. As founders and managing directors, Elke Moritz and I, as well as the team around us, have gained knowledge from research in order to make this wonderful plant - which has been banned for years - accessible to humans again.

Can you tell us more about the health applications and benefits of medicinal hemp?

The particularly valuable ingredients in hemp - known as phytocannabinoids - are found in the flowers and leaves of the plant.

Deep Nature Project, and its organic hemp brand Medihemp, processes these into rich extracts. The company specialises in whole and premium extracts of the hemp ingredients CBD and cannabigerol (CBG). These nonpsychoactive hemp ingredients are valued for their benefits in balancing many physiological processes in the human body. The phytocannabinoid compounds found in hemp plants mimic the effects of the body's own endocannabinoids, stimulating natural rhythms to help maintain inner equilibrium.

The ingredients support the body's endocannabinoid system; this is part of the nervous system and regulates the body's own processes, such as blood pressure, body temperature and sleep-wake rhythm. In general, researchers agree that people can benefit from the pain-relieving, antiinflammatory and anxiety-relieving effects of CBD.

Deep Nature Project produces hemp extracts rather than pure substances. Why is this approach so beneficial?

With extraction, the preservation of natural plant substances is of paramount importance. The secret lies in the special combination of pressure and temperature. The CBD or CBGrich full-spectrum extract is characterised by its harmonious spectrum of natural plant substances. Compared with pure substances, the full-spectrum extract has all the good ingredients, and through this, a broad spectrum efficacy. This leads to a higher biological activity - the so-called 'entourage effect' - and thus, to particularly good bioavailability.

Further refining steps produce a THC-free, CBD-rich premium extract. The organic hemp oil is therefore suitable for particularly sensitive people. Medihemp extracts are dissolved in the finest, cold-pressed hempseed oil, which is rich in omega-3, as well as six fatty acids, numerous vitamins and healthful minerals.

How does Deep Nature Project ensure a quality product?

The whole process chain is under Deep Nature Project's control - from field to finished product - so we know exactly where the product comes from and how it is made. Analysis from our internal laboratory is continuously monitored by several external institutes.

From cultivation through to the finished product, quality has top priority; every Medihemp product is analysed internally, and tested and certified by external laboratories according to strict quality criteria. All items are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, pesticides and are AT BIO 301-compliant. The controls begin on the field with THC analyses conducted by AGES; production is in accordance with International Food Standards. All Medihemp food supplements are 100% legal, available without prescription and have an official marketability certificate.

How does DNP prioritise sustainability?

For our Medihemp food supplements and foods, we process the entire plant sustainably and biologically. Together with regional organic farmers, we cultivate 200ha of land and all parts of the plant are processed, which means that production is sustainable - nothing is wasted.

With its Medihemp line, Deep Nature Project ensures that the entire plant is processed, from the shives to the leaves.

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