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INNOBIO Corporation Limited was initially established in 2003 as a contract laboratory, and has grown from that humble beginning to become a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients for the natural products sector. Supported by a talented independent research and development group and a modern and efficient production facility, we provide natural ingredients for markets around the world. INNOBIO product categories include specialty functional lipids, natural carotenoids, microencapsulated nutritional oil powders, microencapsulated sports ingredients and microencapsulated vitamin products. Our scientific expertise allows us to provide these products in a variety of forms for the worldwide nutritional, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets. Our scientists are specialists in providing formulations of our products to meet the needs of a complex global market.

Functional Lipids

Relying on the technical platform of fatty acid structural modification, isolation and purification, INNOBIO provides customers with high-quality functional lipid products. The main products include Conjugated Linoleic Acid series, Alpha Linolenic Acid series, Gamma Linolenic Acid series and water dispersible lipids emulsion series products. They have been widely used in the fields of dietary supplements, general food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. INNOBIO has provided substantial technical expertise for the development of technical monographs for CLA and CLA-TG in cooperation with United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and has provided expert assistance in the development of CLA standards for the Chinese food ingredients industry.

Natural Carotenoids

Natural Carotenoids are pigments extracted from animals/plants/algae/fungi. Natural Carotenoid powders that are directly extracted have many difficulties in application, such as poor solubility, poor stability and single dosage form. INNOBIO uses the highest quality natural raw materials to derive caroteniods. Using advanced microencapsulation techniques, natural carotenoids were transformed into CWS/Oil Suspensions/Beadlets/Rapid Dissolving Powders and other forms of preparation, effectively improving the solubility and stability of the products. INNOBIO natural caroteniods include lutein, lutein ester, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, and beta-carotene, which can be widely used in solid drinks/soft capsules/hard capsules/tablets/oral liquid/sweets and so on.

Microencapsulated Nutritional Oil Powders

Most of the nutritional lipids naturally exist in liquid form, and the most common applications are ready-to-use oil or soft capsules. With the patented microencapsulation technology, INNOBIO incorporates functional lipids with select, high-quality dairy protein, carbohydrate, or dietary fiber, making a series of water dispersible nutritional lipids powders. Our products include CLA TG powder/MCT powder/flaxseed oil powder/safflower oil powder/sunflower oil powder/coconut oil powder and so on. INNOBIO provides customers with more flexible formula design, and more convenient application. INNOBIO oil powders have been widely used in meal replacement powders/shakes, solid drinks, nutrition bars, and ketogenic foods.

Microencapsulated Sports Ingredients: One-stop Solutions for Sports Supplement

By using its patented microencapsulation technology to meet diversified demand of customers, INNOBIO presents unique solutions to improve the performance of sports ingredients that have challenges, such as being insoluble or unstable, having an unpleasant taste, or are easily hygroscopic, etc. This series of products include Instantized BCAA, Instantized EAA, Bitter Masking BCAA, Sustained Release BCAA, Anti-hygroscopic L-Carnitine, Flavor Masking L-Arginine, etc. They are suitable for applications including powder, gels, bars and drinks.

Microencapsulated Vitamin Products: Bullet-proof Vest for Vitamins

INNOBIO wraps fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins by means of spray drying, beadlets, and other technical means to make microencapsulated vitamin products. It can solve the problems that typically affect vitamins, such as, easy degradation and oxidization, or destruction in conjunction with other ingredients. We can also provide a broader use by turning fat-soluble vitamins into water-soluble preparations by microencapsulation. INNOBIO's main business involves microencapsulated vitamin powders, coated vitamin beadlets and microencapsulated vitamin premixes. This series of products include Vitamin A acetate beadlets, natural Vitamin E acetate powder, Vitamin D3 powder, coated Vitamin C particles, Vitamin K1 powder etc. They can be used in the field of beverage, dietary supplement, tablets and so on.

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