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Independent flavour supplier Einar Willumsen employs state-of-the-art analytical equipment, highly competent and educated employees, and over 100 years of experience to produce unique flavourings for beverages, dairy products, confectionery and bakery products.

Nature is a wonderful mystery. Given its beauty, elegance and enormous resources, just understanding the chemistry involved in nature's own fruits, berries and vegetables is a challenge.

Nature is the world's largest chemical plant, producing several thousand chemical substances each and every day. Understanding the chemistry in something as simple and wholesome as an apple is a scientific challenge, but by using ever-more precise and effective purification, separation and identification techniques, it is possible to identify and quantify its separate molecules. Understanding the chemistry in various apple varieties also provides the foundation for understanding the taste differences between them.

Many consumers would object to chemistry being used to modify their food, but in reality chemistry is a man-made language used to describe nature's own building blocks. For Einar Willumsen, a leading independent flavour supplier for over 100 years, chemistry is used to describe and understand nature. This complex process requires state-of-the-art analytical equipment, highly competent and educated employees, and a solid experience and knowledge of how to interpret the findings.

Einar Willumsen analyses nature's own recipes and separates them into their smallest components or building blocks in order to understand why there is, for example, such a discernible taste difference between a golden delicious apple and a discovery apple - or between the intense and powerful Scandinavian blueberries, and the bigger, but less intense, American equivalent. It all comes down to chemistry and nature's own recipes, but with Einar Willumsen's influence on perception and taste.

A creative, sensual process

Once the company has the scientific understanding of nature, it skilfully combines this with the competences, experience and creativity of its skilled flavourist. Using the information and tools available, they produce a copy of nature's own creation in a concentrated form in a small sample bottle. This unique creation is now the inspiration for a new, successful food or beverage product on the market to delight consumers all over the world.

Nature's recipes inspire Einar Willumsen's flavourist to combine chemistry and sensory elements in order to develop new flavourings, which can be used in new food or beverage products. To make sure that the new taste is appealing to all senses - and not only the tastebuds - it will be screened using a holistic sensory method in order to give an impression of how the new flavouring will be perceived by consumers' senses.

Smell and taste are by far the most powerful of our senses. All of us have at one time or another walked into a room, only to unexpectedly have a smell transport our mind to a different time and place. Any taste and smell combination that someone has been exposed to in the past awakens certain memories, while any new combination creates unexplored sensations and feelings.

This is what the holistic sensory analysis can reveal. It takes into account an individual's immediate impression of a flavour or product, and it is this perception that underlies the assessment.

It is a very effective way to evaluate how flavours and products differ from each other, and is especially advantageous since it takes into account that we are all different, and that perception and evaluation of flavours and products reflect habitual conscious and unconscious decisions, associations and memories.

Using this method, Einar Willumsen has developed an exciting range of new tastes to be incorporated into beverages, dairy products, confectionery and bakery products, all of which have a far-reaching market impact - and it all comes down to art and science.

Company profile

Einar Willumsen was founded in Copenhagen in 1901 by Einar and Holger Willumsen based on a vision to manufacture better flavours, extracts and essential oils.

Following a successful start, a subsidiary was founded in Malmø, Sweden, which began its own manufacturing in 1921.

Shortly before recession hit the entire world Einar Willumsen was established as a limited company, and when Einar Willumsen lost the fight against cancer in 1929 he left the majority of his shares to his sister Fanny Willumsen, who shortly before her death in 1956 established the "Einar Willumsens Mindelegat" foundation, which has been the main shareholder in Einar Willumsen ever since. The foundation donates funds for general scientific research and to research in cancer and ophthalmology. The company has its head office in Brøndby, Copenhagen and an affiliate in Malmø.

Since the second world war the company has become an important supplier of flavours and a chosen partner for the food industry, particularly in the Nordic countries and northern Europe. Today Einar Willumsen is a modern, high technology supplier of flavour solutions and compounds for the medium sized and large national and international beverage and food producing industries.


The Einar Willumsen Foundation was established on 25 April 1956 and confirmed by the King on 16 May the same year. The capital of the memorial trust consists of the share majority inherited by Einar Willumsen's sister Fanny Willumsen, supplemented by securities later bequeathed to the Foundation by the sister.

The objective of the Foundation is "to give financial support to activities related to the fight against the cancer: either to general scientific work or to the treatment of cancer patients without means. In cases where the Board of the Foundation should find it appropriate, a share of the funds disposable for distribution could also be used to supporting the fight against other diseases, as well as blind or ill individuals without means, especially those suffering from cancer or polio". (Unofficial translation from the articles of the Foundation)

As it appears from the charter, assistance to "the needy" was of major importance to Einar Willumsen and his sister. After the introduction of government-financed welfare benefits during the 1960s, focus shifted from the endowment of individuals to donations to organisations and projects. A large number of groups and individuals that have enjoyed the support of the Foundation over the years.

Why choose Einar Willumsen?

We strive to be the best and preferred supplier in the industry - nothing more, nothing less. Together with our customers we have developed strong and intimate business relationships over the years - and we always focus on getting everything just right. Creating the best taste of a product is both an art and a science, and finding the right balance is essential for the success of the product.

But we are not only focused on finding the right flavour. In today's hectic environment, speed matters more than ever. That is why we encourage our customers to develop their new flavours together with us in our modern and well-equipped laboratories. You will be working directly with our flavour experts, which not only means faster product development and better end-result. It also means that you will get a tailor-made product that matches your expectations.


What matters?

What can we offer?

TASTE - Getting the product taste and composition just right
  • State-of-the-art equipment and the most experienced flavour team in our region
  • More than 100 years of experience with taste development and refinement - especially with flavours from Scandinavia and Northern Europe
SPEED - Quick delivery of samples
  • Direct access to laboratory, people and equipment when needed for fast co-development of new products
  • Comprehensive raw materials inventory
INNOVATION - Continuous inspiration for relevant new innovative tastes and flavours
  • Trend scouting, trend discussions, market intelligence presentations
  • Experimentation and proprietary sample development for new innovative products
RELIABILITY - Getting products and documents on time
  • Highly competent, dedicated and experienced people
  • Modern production equipment and technology
  • Modern production equipment and technology
  • Highest quality standards including quality checks on all outgoing shipments
FLEXIBLE BATCH SIZES - Availability of products in smaller
  • Flexible and agile production setup
  • Flexible product volumes and production run
COMPETITIVE PRICES - Getting good value for money
  • Low product costs through the use of continuous performance improvement methods (e.g. Lean Six Sigma)
  • Low fixed cost through a lean organization with high productivity


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Einar Willumsen’s experts concentrate natural tastes and ingredients found in nature into unique flavourings.
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