Red Arrow - Clean smoke: a better choice

Smoke flavours are more popular than ever. Red Arrow's CleanSmoke process provides a safer and cleaner alternative to traditional smoking methods.

Demand for smoked meat and food products has never been higher. From backyard chefs, BBQ competitions and the demand for authentic dishes, people are seeking out authentic and bold flavour experiences. Retailers and manufacturers recognising this need have turned to Red Arrow's CleanSmoke.

Smouldering passion

"Red Arrow's expertise, history and passion when it comes to smoke are unmatched. Through an energetic drive and reinvestment to create technological breakthroughs, the company consistently provides the authentic smoke taste that customers demand," says Mark Crass, GM, vice-president at Red Arrow Products.

Totally natural

CleanSmoke is simply traditional smoke without the tar and ash; it's completely natural, with no chemicals or artificial flavour.

As with conventional methods, CleanSmoke begins with wood. Sawdust is smouldered, and the resulting smoke cloud is captured and exposed to water. This 'liquefied' smoke is then filtered to remove tar and ash, which can then be used as an energy source for plant operations.

Red Arrow offers a safer and cleaner process that results in safer food products without having to sacrifice any of the flavourful attributes of smoke.

CleanSmoke offers a number of advantages to meat processors compared with traditional smoking methods. The technique:

  • reduces C02 emissions by up to 80%
  • improves air quality within processors' plants
  • eliminates the need for scrubbers and afterburners to purify and clean the air
  • reduces wastewater by more than 60%
  • cuts energy consumption by 33-40%
  • requires up to 75% less cleaning detergent
  • significantly reduces processing costs
  • uses less wood to produce the same amount of finished product.

In addition to strong environmental credentials, there are positive health attributes to consider. The tars, charcoal and hydrocarbons that are filtered out during the CleanSmoke process contain carcinogens that are not beneficial to consumers' health.

CleanSmoke is recognised in Europe to pose less of a health risk than traditional smoking processes, according to EU Regulation 2065/2003.

A safer product

Because smoke flavours are produced from smoke that is subjected to fractionation and purification processes, CleanSmoke is generally considered to be less of a health concern than the use of smoke that is made by burning wood or by heating sawdust or small wood chips.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) exist in the tar fractions of smoke. Traditional methods cannot remove these, and they remain in the smoke.

Authentic impact

"Red Arrow offers a safer and cleaner process that results in safer food products without having to sacrifice any of the flavourful attributes of smoke," says global marketing manager Jodi Schwalbe. "The authentic flavour impact and consistent colour and aroma are all present.

"Red Arrow has more than 60 years' experience burning sawdust. Depending on the wood species used, and the length or speed of the burn, different flavour profiles can be created that provide a pleasant smoke taste," says Schwalbe.

"In a product comparison, it is difficult to distinguish a traditionally smoked product from one flavoured smoked with the CleanSmoke. process."

Species of wood used in the process include oak, maple, hickory, poplar, beech, mesquite, apple, cherry and pecan. Further ageing and blending are also avenues to creating unique flavour profiles.

Embrace change

As a society's technology advances, change is inevitable. For many, change can be intimidating. However, the simplicity of condensing naturally generated wood smoke in pure water coupled with reliable application techniques results in a process in which you can believe.

Consistency and flavour stability in smoke are enhanced, and manufacturing costs are optimised, resulting in cost savings.

Compared with traditional smoking, CleanSmoke is better for the environment, safer for consumers, and drives cost out of the manufacturing process.

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