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Viridis BioPharma is a multifaceted company incorporated in 2000, headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Viridis is a marketing, manufacturing and research company that deals with active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetic industries, as well as medicated dressings and formulations to treat wounds and burns.

What drives us is the desire to extend lifespans and, more than that, to extend health and wellbeing to every stage of life.

What sets us apart is the high quality of the products we deal with. They are innovative, effective, safe and have a solid basis in research-based science.

And what gives us the edge is the depth of our knowledge - of both science and the market.


A trove of health

Viridis Biopharma makes a range of high-quality ingredients available to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries as well as medicated dressings and formulations to heal burns and wounds. Our manufacturing facility has various site certifications including cGMP, HACCP and ISO 22000. The active ingredients are extensively documented and certified.

Active ingredients for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries include vitamins, mineral supplements and probiotics. Our active ingredients are mostly made from all-natural sources, with no genetically modified substances. All have been clinically tested and most have GRAS certification, ensuring efficacy with minimal adverse effects. Most can be used in traditional capsules, tablets and syrup formulations, as well as to fortify foods and beverages. Imagine the possibilities!


MenaquinGold® - The world's most researched natural vitamin K2-7

MenaquinGold® is natural vitamin K2-7. It is manufactured in a cGMP/HACCP/ISO 22000-certified facility by a group company, Synergia Life Sciences Pvt Ltd. It helps build strong bones and fights osteoporosis, helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy, prevents muscle cramps, improves aerobic fitness and helps improve insulin sensitivity. There is also evidence that Vitamin K2 prevents some forms of cancer and helps enhance memory.

MenaquinGold® is thoroughly documented and also has a Drug Master File. Two independent, highly accredited analytical laboratories have validated MenaquinGold® as part of the development of the DMF.

MenaquinGold® has been successfully formulated into various dosage forms by several companies. Both its long-term and accelerated stability have been studied and documented.


HU58™ - Ideal choice for probiotic spores

HU58™ is a bacterial spore (of the Bacillus subtilis strain) isolated from the human intestinal tract of healthy volunteers.

The product has been well studied and is manufactured under license from Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL). Indications for use include gut health, antibiotic-induced diarrhoea, ulcerative colitis, bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infection (UTI) and candida vaginal infections. Moreover, it can provide a nutritional boost when added to foods (biscuits, breads, dairy products etc.), supplements (tablets, capsules), and beverages for various health applications.

HU58™ has been shown in studies to have superior sporulation and germination efficiency. It is stable at extreme pH levels and high temperatures, and can survive dessication, antibiotics, as well as challenging storage/manufacturing conditions and the gastric environment in the stomach.

HU36™ - Provides more than just probiotic effect

Colorspore Bacillus indicus HU36 (Bacillus HU36™) is a unique patented strain of Gram-positive spore-forming bacterium that produces a distinct yellow-orange pigmentation.

The pigmentation is due to the synthesis of carotenoids, which are gastric-stable, bio-accessible, and significantly more bioavailable than carotenoids from other sources. The product has been well studied and is manufactured under license from Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL).

The Bacillus HU36™ spores can survive the harsh conditions associated with food processing and may be incorporated into a range of food matrices without the need for refrigeration. This probiotic is also uniquely stable in liquids at room temperature and will remain dormant in non-refrigerated beverages.

Mineral supplements

SelAct-34™ - 100% pure, organically bound, biologically active Selenium

Highly pure, 100% organically bound, odour free, biologically active form of selenium. It is available as pure L-Selenomethionine that meets USP specifications. It is known to play a role in immune function and thyroid metabolism, and has a protective effect against cancer.

Medicated dressings

The healing touch

Bacterial resistance to wound care products is a cause of concern for surgeons and healthcare practitioners, because resistant infections affect wound healing and cause complications in chronic wounds.

Viridis provides a range of advanced medicated dressings and formulations for burns and wounds that address resistant infections and assist the healing process.

Microfoam™ and Woundguard™

These innovative dressings, available as a polyurethene foam (Microfoam™) or a 12 ply cotton gauze (Woundguard™), prevent bacterial penetration and inhibits growth within wound dressings. They are based on the cutting edge, patented non-leaching antimicrobial NIMBUS® technology from Quick-Med Technologies, US, which TIME magazine called one of the '10 Best Discoveries of 2006'. NIMBUS® is based on non-toxic, long chain polymers with high charge density that provide superior efficacy via a physical action on microbes. By destroying bacteria at the cellular level, NIMBUS® eliminates the risk of developing drug resistance. The technology is highly effective against a multitude of bacteria, including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE).

Hydrogel sheets

Manufactured under license from the Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India, Hydrogel sheets are used as dressings for the management of wounds including pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, dermal lesions, second-degree burns and donor sites. Based on moist wound healing, they provide comfort to patients through their cooling and soothing action.



A moist, amorphous, water-based gel with colloidal silver that inhibits the growth of microbial contaminants and has wide application in wound care management. This gel is based on the patented SilverSol Technology™ from American Biotech Labs®, US, for which they received the Utah Best of State Award for Medical Innovation.

Silgel™ can be used for the management of wounds including pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, dermal lesions, first- and second-degree burns, donor sites, minor cuts and abrasion.

WoundSite gel™

A clear, viscous, sterile hydrogel that provides a moist environment at the wound surface, assists in the debridement and removal of necrotic and other devitalised material. It rehydrates dry necrotic tissues by releasing moisture. It can also absorb wound slough and excess exudate.

AT Viridis, we believe that growth is an essential part of corporate health

Growth is multidimensional. We are growing as a research company, with new and deeper insights into the substances that make us what we are. Our manufacturing capacity has expanded manifold, with new plants built in India or acquired abroad. With our in-licensing and marketing associates, the bonds are growing stronger.

We invest a great deal in our growth, because we know the consequences will be extremely rewarding - not just for ourselves but for the health and well-being of people across this planet.

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