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Studies have shown that LJ100, which is a patented, proprietary extract of the Malaysian botanical tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia), can boost vital energy, energy for fitness and male sexual potency. Traditionally, it has been used as a general health tonic and adaptogen, and as a means of helping older individuals increase energy, mood, and libido.

Created by the original researchers at MIT and University of Malaya, LJ100 is the only science-based Eurycoma longifolia extract, standardised to 40% glyco saponins, >22% eurypeptides, 30% polysaccharides, and eurycomanone. MIT scientists have clinically proved that eurypeptides exert androgenic properties.

LJ100 promotes androgen biosynthesis - it encourages the body to accelerate production of energy and vitalitypromoting hormones, such as free testosterone, and progesterone. In one study, low amounts of pregnenolone also suggest that LJ100's eurypeptides are actively converting this hormone to create higher levels of DHEA,which itself is converted to testosterone.

HP Ingredients' research substantiates the claims that LJ100:

  • ?maintains normal high free testosterone levels
  • ?enhances sports performance
  • ?enhances sexual function
  • promotes overall well-being and hormonal health
  • ?promotes anabolic states and reduces catabolic states
  • maintains healthy cortisol levels
  • reduces stress and improves mood state.†

Energy evidence

LJ100 enhances sports performance by increasing energy, promoting an anabolic state; increasing free testosterone levels while maintaining low levels of cortisol; increasing DHEA; increasing fat-free mass, arm circumferences and muscle strength, according to the results of one published piece of research.

In that study, 14 healthy adult males received either 100mg every day of LJ100, or a placebo, for eight weeks. Both groups performed an identical and simultaneous intensive strength training programme.

Results showed that the LJ100 group experienced significant increases in fat-free mass, reduced body fat percentages, increases in gross muscle power, significant increases in arm circumference, and decreased muscle tension, suggesting that LJ100 may be used to enhance energy for fitness gains.

Desirable outcomes

Healthy ageing men can also obtain energy benefits from LJ100. In another study, male volunteers consumed 100mg of LJ100 daily for three weeks. The Sexual Health Inventory Questionnaire (SHIQ) showed 62% had an increased or maximum score, signifying heightened desire and an increased number of sexual attempts.

Improved well-being

The PADAM (partial androgen deficiency in ageing men) score demonstrated that 82% showed improvement in their total score, suggesting improvements in sexual desire, erections, and psychological well-being. DHEA increased from 26 to 47%, and another important hormone, sex hormonebinding globulin (SHBG), decreased in 66% of subjects after three weeks. Consequently, free testosterone levels increased from 39 to 73%.

Natural strength

In another study, 20 male volunteers of various health conditions aged 38-58 were randomly given 200, 400 or 600mg of LJ100 or placebo for two months. The majority of the LJ100 group showed improvement in the SHIQ and ageing male scores. Testosterone and DHEA increased to normal high levels at the end of treatment.

Endurance test

One endurance study looked at how 100mg of LJ100 affected endurance; 30 men recruited to engage in a 24-hour mountain biking event (four 15-mile laps). Afterwards, the LJ100 group had 32.3% lower cortisol levels compared with the placebo group, and testosterone levels were 16.4% higher in the LJ100 group.

Strong women

LJ100 also appears to have positive impact on strength in middle-aged women. In one study, 31 women aged 45-59 were given either 100mg of LJ100 or a placebo for 12 weeks. Significant improvements were observed in bench press, leg press, handgrip strength and muscular endurance in the LJ100 group over placebo.

As lives become busier and more frenetic, the need for sustainable - naturally induced - energy will only increase. LJ100 is relevant and safe for nearly all adults seeking to live their most fulfilling lives.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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