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What role can herbal supplements play in a healthy lifestyle?

L Carl Robinson: While herbs are known for their medicinal properties, they also contain micronutrients, many of which are of an essential nature. These include vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and numerous cofactors known to build and benefit health. At Cedar Bear, we harness those benefits and make them available in an easy-to-take liquid format for our customers.

What makes Cedar Bear's products stand out from others in the market?

At Cedar Bear, we developed revolutionary TincTract technology for making totally alcohol-free liquid herbs, and the Pureodine process for making our monoelement triiodide glycerite of nascent iodine product. We've been using the TincTract process since 1982; it's now in its tenth generation of trade secret enhancements and improvements.

We want to give the public an alternative to other supplements on the market.

Cedar Bear has achieved many 'firsts' in the herbal products industry. We were the first to introduce goodtasting liquid herbs to the marketplace as well as full lines of liquid herbal 'formula' blends, including our childrens, pets and equine lines. We were the first liquid herbal products company to be kosher-certified (Scroll-K) and approved for Passover manufacturing by OU Kosher, and for quality control (QC) standards manufacturing before there was an FDA cGMP regulatory standard.

Cedar Bear extracts micronutrients from herbs using glycerite-processing technology. Why is this the best approach to take?

We use glycerine as our extraction medium because glycerine grants us access to the beneficial constituents of the herb, separating the beneficial elements from the outer husk without damaging them. This process allows us to offer a great-tasting product that contains more beneficial parts of the herbs. Our customer's well-being is our first priority. We want to give the public an alternative to other supplements on the market by offering a 100% alcohol-free dietary supplements made from glycerine.

Cedar Bear's TinctTract process is alcohol-free. Can you outline the benefits of this approach?

Firstly, no alcohol - which possesses denaturing and inert rendering properties - is ever used in the making of a TincTract-made product; so when we say our products are alcohol-free, that is exactly what they are. This is very important for people who cannot or will not consume anything alcohol has come into contact with, such as those living in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. The TincTract process is a multistep-serialised technology that uses different steps for removing different components from an herb. The 'cold' step, for instance, does not go above 100ºF, thus preserving the heat-sensitive components of a herb. A TincTract-made herbal product also possesses the aseptic quality of not needing to be refrigerated after opening, especially considering that no added preservatives are used in our range - and TincTract-made products taste remarkably good.

How does Cedar Bear ensure quality?

Cedar Bear is kosher-certified and FDA cGMP-inspected. Our QC documentation and continual follow-through is extensive and extremely detailed. Our QC staff are well trained, and part of their job description requires they seek continuing education and training in QC methodologies and protocols, as well as the latest issues regarding FDA cGMP policy.

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Liquid asset: Cedar Bear Labs is a leader in the liquid-herb processing sector.
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